Image result for uncle nearest 1884My fellow whisk(e)y lovers, I have missed you. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve shared a write up, so I am excited to get back into this fun! Hopefully everyone had a nice couple of weeks celebrating holidays, spending time with loved ones, ringing in the New Year, and eating plenty of good food. Kenadi and I made it back to Illinois so she could meet the rest of my family. We spent the day bowling and then shared a few drinks and some stories with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I had some Four Roses Small Batch Select with my Uncle Mark the night that Al Young died. It felt right to honor him in that way. For those that didn’t catch it, Al Young, Kentucky Distillers’ Association Bourbon Hall of Fame member, and Senior Brand Ambassador Al Young passed on after 52+ years with Four Roses. We remember him for his contributions not just to Four Roses, but to bourbon culture as a whole as his incredible knowledge of bourbon distillation process, and it’s rich history helped to create the boom we’re in right now.

On a lighter note, we’ve brought some new stuff in, reloaded on the regulars, and we’re ready to hook you up with whatever your home stock may be depleted of, as well as get you hooked on something new to start the year. A couple offerings from Lux Row Distillers: David Nicholson 1843 and David Nicholson Reserve. Both of these are 100 proof bourbons, with the 1843 being a wheated bourbon, providing a lighter and softer drinking experience, and the Reserve being a high-rye bourbon, providing more spice and peppery bite. Both are light in body, but flexible in the way they can be enjoyed. The other new offering is Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch. It is a 7 year old Tennessee Whiskey that commemorates Nearest final year putting whiskey into barrels before retiring. For those unfamiliar with Uncle Nearest, he was the individual responsible for teaching Jack Daniels how to distill, but because he was a slave, he is often not credited for his work and contribution to the whiskey community. Try all three in a flight this week with any other whisk(e)y of your choice for half price. We’ve got a lot of great options, in all categories. 

I shared briefly last week on Facebook that news would be coming out about how we handle the hard to find bourbons like Blanton’s, Weller, Eagle Rare, Old Forester 1910, and Colonel E.H. Taylor. In light of Wednesday being dubbed Whisk(e)y Wednesday, we’ve decided that we will be releasing these items at 6:00pm every Wednesday. To give everyone an opportunity to get there hands on these items, we will be giving out tickets from 3:00-6:00pm. You’ll get one ticket for coming and one more ticket for each whisk(e)y of emphasis that you get in your Whisk(e)y Wednesday flight. There will still be a limit of one bottle per person, so once you are drawn you cannot be drawn again. A social media post will be made every Wednesday morning showing bottles of what will be available, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we have.

These next few weeks we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about bourbon as Tom and I gear up for our first JJ’s Single Barrel Selection trip of the year. We’ve got 5 confirmed picks with an exciting offering we haven’t had before. I’m pretty juiced about it for a few reasons, the first being that it’s been almost a year and a half since I was last down there, and I’m antsy to get my karaoke singing on. Second, Single Barrel Selections are a blast and I learn so much. What we learn down in Kentucky allows us to come back up here and tell you all the stories that go with each brand. Now, is some of what makes bourbon great the fact there is so much folklore tied to it? Absolutely. Part of selling anything is creating a story that gets people to want to tell it for you. We at JJ’s are those people that want to share their stories for them with our take on what we would want in whiskey if we distilled. The variety that we are able to provide you is incredible because we can bring so many unique mashbills and distilleries. The quality has proven itself as well. We don’t want anything that we wouldn’t buy multiple bottles of for ourself.

I’ll close out today by sharing my New Year’s Resolution. As I prepare for a wedding in the fall of 2020, I came to the realization that it’s going to cost money so I need to save. I took a quick assessment of what I had in the personal bar, and realized that I could save a lot of money if I put as much into savings as I do bourbon. My resolution came to me quite simply then, every time I buy whisk(e)y, I have to put an equal amount into savings. I think this will serve me well, if I can’t afford 2 of them, I probably don’t need 1 of them. It should also relieve some of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. Anyways, that’s all I’ve got this week. Hope to see you all soon for a pour and a story or two.