It’s Valentine’s Day week! We love Valentine’s Day! We love it even more when you let us help you find the perfect gift for your significant other. And do we ever have things to choose from! Wine, whiskey, beer, glassware. Tickets to events. Tons of things, you just need to say, when you come in, what is he/she going to want!

The Boozy Bakery is loading the cases up this week for your Valentine gift giving as well. Because what goes better with a nice bottle of wine or whiskey, than a scrumptious treat from The boozy Bakery. See what they are up to over on their page… This Week in The Boozy Bakery.

Wine and Event tickets kind of go hand in hand. We have an awesome event coming up next week. We apologize for the relatively short notice, but this one just landed in our lap, and you will not be disappointed! Nickel & Nickel Wines from Napa Valley have been re-introduced into the South Dakota fine wine market. We are bringing in SIX of these luxurious wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and FOUR Single Vineyard Cabernets), and for a $50 ticket, you can try all six, along with some scrumptious sweet and savory treats from The Boozy Bakery. This will be a guided tasting with Shauna Wallace from Republic National Distributing. She is a huge fan of these wines, and you will sense that enthusiasm in her presentation. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift, and we are only selling a limited number of seats. You can purchase your seats in-store, or at this link on Eventbrite/Facebook. These wines will be ranging in price from $55-125/bottle.

Also this week, we are offering a FREE wine tasting on Thursday from 5 – 7pm featuring new wines LangeTwins Winery. A sustainable winery from California. We will be tasting 3 different wines – Sangiovese Rosé, Zinfandel & Midnight Reserve Red Blend. These are our featured wines this week! I hope you get a chance to swing by for a sip! Maybe stay for a cocktail… or another glass of wine!

Whisk(e)y Wednesday with Zac continues to gain in popularity. This week Zac is featuring whiskies from the Heaven Hill Distillery. Read more about it in this week’s edition of Whisk(e)y Wednesday with Zac.