Hey everyone! We hope you all had a nice holiday weekend and got to spend some time with loved ones and friends in some nicer weather enjoying some of your favorite drinks. I know that Joe and I took advantage of the times we had at the lake and camping trying some new beers and enjoying some old favorites.

For my graduating weekend, I stuck to a lot fruitier and sour beers to go along with the fairly nice weather we had down in Yankton. One classic that I went back to was Odell’s Sippin Pretty. It is one sour that I typically go back to because of the puck

erness it brings, a little bit more than a 50/50 sour to sweet ratio leaning more towards the sour side. It also brings a flavor that you don’t always get a chance to try with the elderberry and aqui. A new one that I hadn’t had until this past weekend was Sierra Nevada’s Wild Little Thing. While it doesn’t have the puckerness that Sippin Pretty has, the flavor is nice and light with hibiscus coming first and finishing with strawberry. And one last one I tried that was kind of new was the Boulevard Chill Vibes. This wasn’t my all-time favorite, but that mostly has to do with the fact that it’s a sour ale with a strong cucumber flavor. I even let my parents try it and to my surprise, they liked it because of that reason. So if you are a cucumber lover, this is right up your alley. Thanks all!

Greetings from northern Minnesota. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. I’ll have to rely on Josh for info on new beers in the store this week though. Some items I’ve been enjoying while away that I picked up passing through Fargo/Moorehead include:

  • Junkyard:
    • Slaps-Strawberry Rhubarb Sour IPA
    • Queens of the Potluck-Ambroshia Salad Wheat Ale
    • Peanut Butter Bandit
    • Riding with Jules, Vince Vega, Royals with Cheese
  • Drekker
    • All Together
    • Strawberry Rhubarb Braaaaaaaaains
    • Hater Blocker
  • I was able to stop by Portage in Walker, MN for some beers to go that included:
    • Munchy Numbs Pastry Stout
    • Eat Your Berries New England IPA

Some beers I brought up from my personal stash included:

  • Covert
    • Comfortably Plum
    • In Fate’s Hands
    • Strawberry Erzen
  • Brewing Projekt
    • Smooffee
    • Cowabunga
  • Central Waters
    • Anniversary Beers 21 and 22

Joe and I have had a great weekend ourselves and hope that these beers and the new beer list below will give you the chance to have a good time enjoying beers as we have been doing.

Cheers and Beers Everyone,

Joe and Josh

Beer List:

  • Big Sky Brewing Summer Honey Pale Ale
  • Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool Brown Ale
  • Big Sky Brewing Mixed 12 Pack
  • Boulevard Chill Vibes Sour Ale
  • Melvin Hubert Pale Ale
  • Melvin Killer Bees Blonde Ale
  • Melvin HeyZeus Pale Lager
  • New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 1895 IPA
  • Prairie Artisan Merica Farmhouse Ale
  • Toppling Goliath King Sue Double New England IPA
  • White Elm Malverde Lager
  • White Elm Spacegrass Double IPA