Greetings all, hope everyone is staying safe during this trying time of COVID-19 as well as the distress across our nation after the terrible death and of George Floyd and all that has transpired since.

But this is a beer blog, so let’s jump right into it! And this week we actually have something a little bit different in our beer cooler. If you have been into our fine establishment and into our massive beer cave you will have noticed our singles wall. Well, we in the beer cooler try our best to make sure that you have as many options as you possible, but we also understand that decisions are sometimes hard to make. Thus, we have created the Mix and Match To Go. These are six-packs of craft beer that we have put together for your convenience. To your discretion, some of these beers are a little past their canning date and best buy dates. These six-packs are priced at 4.99 a pack and won’t go any higher or lower. So come on in and grab one quick for an easy and decision-free night.

Josh speaking, and let me tell ya, I love working at JJ’s. Sometimes you just get lucky and your boss forgets to schedule you for a shift and you take another vacation. THANKS ZJ!  Anyway, instead of going South, I headed North. My family owns a little lake cabin on Lake Traverse in Minnesota by Ortonville. And with some earlier days of waking up and seeing the sunrise, I kind of stuck with some of the coffee beers this week. When I was given the privilege of talking about our beers, I was told that I wasn’t supposed to do domestic but this one is as close as I’ll ever get to it, PINKY PROMISE. Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) came out with a hard coffee beer that makes you wish you hadn’t chugged it all. It doesn’t taste like beer whatsoever and while it is a bit spendy for four cans, you won’t regret it one bit. After drinking that magical stuff, I needed to tone it down a bit with the Lupulin Javatized Coffee Stout. To me this beer kind of reminds me of my childhood of wanting to be like my parents so they would make me the packet cappuccinos. So honestly, semi-crappy cappuccino is the way to the bottom of this can of beer. And lastly, I began my last breakfast morning with a Founders Breakfast Stout and to me, it is dark roast coffee in a can with alcohol so as a future teacher, this is the good stuff!

Joe here – Summer came a bit early from the feel of it outside this week. With the increase in temps brings back a summer staple for grill outs and get-togethers…Naturdays! I had to bust a  couple of those bad boys out Sunday when I got back to town and got to hang out with the crew at Zac and Kenadi’s new house. It was great to get back and see everybody and awesome of those two to host us. Truth be told, it was the perfect chance for Zac to break in his new grill and for us to snag a couple whiskey pours from his collection. Hopefully everyone had a chance to snag a couple of the Drekker beers this week when they dropped. The Raspberry Cobbler Slang du Juor might’ve been my favorite of the bunch, with a lot of great options sent our way. With the 3.0 Cocktail Bar back open Wednesday, I stopped in for the Whiskey Wednesday event. Before my flight I enjoyed some pours of Woodgrain Yes Man, and Mejor Vida from Brewing Projekt. Both were excellent, as was the bar being back open. In closing, I’d like to include a quote from one of the all time greats, Jackie Moon, “Everybody love everybody.”

Hope you all have a great weekend and get out there and drink some beer!

Cheers and Beers,

Joe and Josh

The list for beers is a little short this week but a few new ones on tap are great for growler fills or sitting on the patio at The 3.0 Cocktail Bar:

  • Ben’s POG Genius Milkshake IPA
  • Ben’s Mango Wheat Ale