Greetings and Happy August everyone. It seems like 2020 is just flying right on by and I am sure we can all appreciate that after the kind of year it has been. But there have been some great beers to hit the market since throughout the year still and we can certainly appreciate that!

New Beers!!
Brewing Projekt Puff XL Raspberry Rhubarb Guava Sour (tap)
Fair State Vienna Lager (tap)
Lupulin Fashion Mullet IPA (tap)
Surly Oktoberfest
Toppling Goliath NugMo
Anderson Valley Old Fashioned, Salted Caramel Port
Elysian Pumpkin Pack

Josh’s Week

Well my weekend didn’t totally go as planned, but I did get to spend it with family and that is the important part. It was a nice weekend to be at the cabin except it was super windy the whole weekend and the water was a super thick color of green. But what was the best was having a chance to relax and enjoy some really good beers. The first beer that i tried was Lupulin’s 8 Count IPA. It wasn’t my total favorite. I will be honest but it just had a little weird flavor on the end that discouraged me from it. The next one I tried was Brewing Projekts Smoofy Sour: Blackberry, Guava, and Pineapple. This was a blast of fruit flavor that was very refreshing while I was playing cards with my family. And finally, I finished off the last night of the cabin with Lupulin’s Lateralus Imperial Stout. It worked perfectly that night because it was a little chilly and honestly nothing goes better than a nice rich stout on a cold night by the fire. Next week, I know I got my stash of Drekker to dig into as well as a few other new selections that have hit our shelves.

Joe’s Week

With all the time spent at the lake last week, I was in for a big drop in beer consumption this week getting back into shifts at the store/bar. When I did get back to town on Sunday, I made a quick stop into Covert Artisan Ales to try their latest version of Support Asset. Before I left I had to enjoy something a little lighter, so I went with the Pils from Fair State Brewing. As I’m sure most of you were aware, this week was the Drekker drop. We got in quite the variety this time around. Since I got to try most of this drop at Brewhalla recently, I stayed out of the ruckus and kept more beers in the wild for everyone hunting, hopefully everyone was able to get what they wanted to try. Writing this on Thursday, which happens to be National IPA Day, I’m not sure yet what I’m going to celebrate with once my shift ends tonight. I’ve got some Blackstack IPAs at home, or I could opt for either Fashion Mullet or S&M from Lupulin in growler fills from the bar/store. We also have a plethora of options in the beer cave, including a brand new triple hop triple ipa from Surly. Some news I’m sure many of you have heard and been waiting for, Monk’s Ale House is now open downtown. It is under new ownership with Justin from Independent Ale House in Rapid City. I haven’t made it out that way yet but I’ve heard nothing but absolutely great things so I’m excited to hopefully stop down this weekend and check out the renovations they undertook.

Looking like it will be another warm weekend so don’t forget to stop in and stock up so you can keep your fluids up! Wishing everyone a great weekend and looking forward to talking beer with you when you come into the store or the 3.0 Cocktail Bar!