Hello Beer Lovers. We are getting into the end of August and who would have thought, we have sports! And the sports world has been getting heated with lots of playoff games, which I know Joe and I have been waiting for. Congratulations Timberwolves fans on the first selection on the draft, don’t screw it up. But enough sports talk, this is a beer blog. BRING ON THE BEER!

New Beer!!

  • Ben’s Strawberry Shortcake Genius Milkshake IPA (tap)
  • Obscure Country Lager(tap)
  • Severance Pinky and the Grain Wheat Beer (tap)
  • WoodGrain Superstitious Fruit Pale Ale (tap)
  • Zipline White Stout (tap)
  • Brewing Projekt Cowabunga Gose
  • Brewing Projekt Hawaiian Shirt Party Sour
  • Brewing Projekt Resist Blood Orange Orange Milkshake IPA
  • Fair State Jiggleproofer
  • Lupulin Sophistry 07 Hazy IPA
  • Zipline Festbier

Joe’s Week

This past week has been pretty eventful for me. On Saturday I joined in with a great group of friends in the beer community down at the Cradle to the Grave hop farm for a day geared towards helping out our friend Tim Gjoraas. I didn’t participate in the disc golf tournament, but I could definitely tell it was a hotly contested game, and that was prior to the overtime session that happened! While a large group of the people in attendance were busy with that, I made my way through the building to check out the silent auction items. To say there was some great items available would be quite the understatement. There was a little bit of a “bidding war” for some items that I had my eye on, and I came away with 3 groupings of beers. These were highlighted by a 5 year vertical of Central Waters Brewing Anniversary Stouts along with an absolutely stellar bundle put together by Covert Artisan Ales. Big shout out to Alex Beres and the whole crew at the Cradle to the Grave that put this event on. To go along with all of this excitement on Saturday I also received an email from de Garde Brewing alerting me that I had been chosen for their Keepers Membership. It had honestly been so long ago that I signed up for this that I had all but given up hope of being selected for it. Ideally, I’ll get to make a trip out to Tillamook to enjoy some of the taproom perks that come with the membership, but in the age of COVID, that is all a mystery right now. 

We got a lot of great new beers in the store in the last week, which my bank account can definitely attest to. The Brewing Projekt drop only consisted of three beers but they are all high quality. I was super stoked to see that we got more Cowabunga, which was a favorite of mine the last time it came around. Fair State came out with a collab with the fine folks down at Live Oak Brewing, for anyone that is a fan of a nice crisp lager make sure to check this one out, called Jiggleproofer. Last but certainly not least is the latest iteration of Sophistry from Lupulin, version 07. This round features citra and amarillo hops. I’ve been a big fan of Lupulin’s beers long before they came to town, and this beer is another great example of why.

Josh’s Week

I, myself, do have some news for those of you who read with us or visit us often. I will be taking a hiatus from the beer cooler at JJ’s to finish my degree in teaching. I will be student teaching this fall in my hometown of Dell Rapids and will be in a second-grade classroom. I am super excited about this opportunity but don’t worry, I will still be helping Joe with the blog and updating those on the beers I have had the chance to try.

My week wasn’t near as eventful as Joe’s but with my time I did have a chance to try new beers that we put on our tap list. The Zipline White Stout is actually somewhat a true favorite of mine that I wasn’t expecting. When I hear stout I normally think of a dark, thick, rich beer but this one is the opposite. It’s light, it’s light brown, and it has a lighter richness to it. And let me tell you, it rocks! Give it a shot when you are in next time. The other one you may have noticed was the new Ben’s Strawberry Shortcake IPA. Now, for those of you that aren’t IPA fans. I totally get the turnoff. BUT you really need to give this beer a shot. It is a creamy beer that really has a nice taste of strawberry shortcake and very little hoppy flavor except for maybe at the end. At least that’s where I could sort of tell. 

Till Next Week…

Hopefully, everyone has a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the store. Please let us know if you have any questions on any beers and we will be glad to help you out.

Cheers and Beers. 

Joe and Josh