Happy Wednesday everyone!  Joe here writing to you on a rare Wednesday to highlight one of the most popular days in the Sioux Falls beer scene…the monthly drop from Drekker Brewing Company.  We have quite a large amount of items for this time around.  Some of the standard items that we have back in again are Techno Viking and Ectogasm.  Beers that we’ve received in the past that are making their return this month are Everybody Love Everybody ( One of my personal favorites for multiple reasons), King of the Thing, Peach Cobbler Slang Du Jour and last but not least PRRRT: These Days.  The main attraction for these drops every month invariable are the new fruited items that we get, this month we have three of those along with a new IPA. We have the Brain Squeeze: Strawberry/Blueberry/Banana, Braaaaaaaains; Strawberry & Lemon, Chonk: Blueberry/Pomegranate/Chocolate and Flow Futuristic, an Imperial/Double New England IPA collaboration between the fine crews at Drekker and Brewing Projekt. Make sure to come in early to snag what you want, I highly doubt there will be many, if any of the new items remaining when I come in for my shift at 3 today.  Best of luck hunting for these delicious beers to everyone!