Hey guys, and welcome to week 19 of J&J’s Beer Blog. We want to say thank you for the support and for taking the time and a chance to read about what Joe and I have to say. Don’t forget to stop in tomorrow for Fill it Friday! 30% off LIST PRICE all growler fills and 30% all single cans/bottles of beer on our singles rack in the cooler.

New Beer!!!

  • Ben’s Brewing Turkey Ridge Pale Ale (tap)
  • Ben’s Brewing Oktoberfest (tap)
  • Boulevard Rye on Rye Maple Rye Beer (tap)
  • Brewing Projekt WISCoast American Pale Wheat (tap)
  • Brewing Projekt Releases for this month
  • Empyrean Barrel-Aged Churro Stout (tap)
  • Love Child No.10
  • Lupulin Double-Dry-Hopped Hooey
  • Remedy Skolberry
  • Woodgrain Yes Man Pilsner (tap)

Joe’s Week

Last Sunday, something happened that I never thought possible…I watched the Vikings/Packers game with a Packers fan, and at their place no less! Many of you know our cigar expert Barry, unfortunately for him, one of his many flaws is that he and his wife are Packers fans. In spite of that, Josh and I ventured over for the game, with beer and brats in tow. The guys from Uncle Ed’s were in the store recently and mentioned a new brat flavor they were working on, jalapeno popper. These definitely lived up to the hype. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for some game day grub, but don’t forget to grab their hatch chili, cheddar, and egg breakfast sausages to start your day off right. For beers we enjoyed, some seasonal Oktoberfest offerings from Surly and Leinenkugels, along with the 2020 Strawberry Rhubarb from New Glarus and Wake Me Up Before You Mango from Covert. The highlight of my weekend, beer wise at least, was getting a small pour of Barrel Aged $ticker $hock from Pulpit Rock out of Decorah, Iowa. Anyone traveling that way to visit Toppling Goliath should definitely make time to visit the Pulpit. 

Josh’s Week

Joe wasn’t wrong about last Sunday, I never thought I would see him wear the purple into the cheeseheads lair. But it happened. And besides the Vikings taking an L, New England got the W so my day was only going up from there. And what better way to do that than by eating some awesome brats and even better beers. Joe was kind enough to bring a few things from his stash AGAIN, he really is great. But he also brought some homemade brats of his that were out of this world. And the best part about them…was definitely the blueberries! Beer wise, we dug into some 2019 Bourbon Paradise from Prairie Artisan Ales. And we kept it pretty similar by sticking with Covert Artisan Ales 2020 In Fate’s Hands and Peach AF. If you guys haven’t you seriously need to get down to Covert Cellars downtown by Monks. Great Atmosphere, exceptional employees, and killer beers. 

Until Next Time…

We hope you guys come in and enjoy our FULL tap list with six new beers up. Come grab a flight at the 3.0 Bar and if order some of Kaleb’s AMAZING food options. Honestly, you guys won’t regret ANYTHING you order.

Cheers and Beers,

Josh and Joe