September went, and October is here. Where has the year gone? Stop on down sometime and check out the cooler! 

New Beers!!!

Bell’s 35th Anniversary Expedition Stout 

Brickway Coffee Vanilla Stout (tap)

Central Waters BA Vanilla Stout

Central Waters Wendy: Coffee Pumpkin Milkshake IPA

Central Waters Oktoberfest (tap)

Fair State /Modist Chill State (tap) 

Homestead Brew: Harvest Nector

Lupulin Lateralus: Cacao and Marshmallow

Lupulin Make IPA Piney Again (just in time for the debates)

Severance- Desert Envy: Apple Cobbler 

Josh’s Week 

Well, another good week of teaching in the books. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying beer during this time with my guys Joe, Barry (and sometimes Barb). The beer that has taken the last couple weeks top beer would be the Central Waters-Wendy: Coffee Pumpkin Milkshape IPA. I’m not a big pumpkin guy but this might be my Thanksgiving dessert this year if I can get anymore. And in a close second, Fair State/Modist Chill State IPA. Smooth IPA with a nice sweet punch with the hoppy after bite that made me wish I hadn’t just bought a single. But it’s the weekend and that means football, beer, and great food. 

Joe Week 

This past Saturday was a good one for me. After a fun ride to Rochester with Dan from Covert and Kelby from Monk’s, we hopped into line for some pours outside at Forager.  Austin, head brewer/owner, does a lot of traveling and collaboration projects with other breweries, which allows them the opportunity to bring in some incredible beers for releases and events.  

The star for me was TDB from Eighth State and Forager/Humble Forager. This was an Imperial Stout with Custom Blend Mostra Coffee, Toasted Coconut, Mexican Vanilla Beans, Roasted Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs.  Holy smokes might be the best terms I can use that Tom will let me use. Some other great beers available were: BA Live And Let Brew from J. Wakefield, and Double Dry Hopped Oh…from Other Half.  After these, we popped inside for our table reservation paired with a couple more excellent offerings from Forager.  

Needless to say I was a little late making it back to town to swing by Zac & Kenadi’s wedding dance.  It was great to get a chance to celebrate their day, with some awesome people I don’t get to hang out with enough outside of a work setting. In classic wedding dance form, you know I couldn’t pass up a tall boy of Busch Light!

Until Next Time…

Stay safe out there folks. COVID stills here, the debates have joined, I mean could make for an interesting October. So stop in tomorrow for Fill It Friday! 30% off all growler fills and single bottles and cans of beer we have stocked in the beer cooler.

Reminder: if you are bringing in your growlers, we ask that your caps are thrown out and the growlers have been rinsed out. Thanks!

Cheers and beers,

Joe and Josh