Hello! This simple greeting you receive from us as you enter our store is something we try to make ourselves known for. From the second you walk in, you have our attention. So stop on in, say hello, and ask us any questions you have because we will do what we can to help. Joe and I here will do it best when you ask for beers! 

New Beers!!!

  • Bell’s Christmas Ale
  • Ben’s Brewing Raspberry Genius (tap)
  • Breckenridge Christmas Ale
  • Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL: Raspberry Rhubarb Guava (tap)
  • Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Vanilla Cherry Stout (tap)
  • Central Waters Wendy (tap)
  • Fair State/Blackstack Collab: Can Phone (tap)
  • Fair State/Blackstack Collab: Can Phone
  • Founders Big Luscious 
  • Leinenkugel’s Toasted Bock
  • Obscure Raspberry Country (tap)
  • Sam Adams Winter Lager
  • Shiner Holiday Cheer
  • Sierra Nevada Barrel-Aged Narwhal
  • Surly Fourteen
  • Toppling Goliath Intergalactic Warrior

Josh’s Week

Well to say this weekend was great would be an understatement. Sunday was a great one for sure. Marli, a past coworker/bartender of JJ’s, was in town and Joe I thought it would be great to go out for beers before going to Barrys  Packer Den for some football. We stopped at Monk’s to get some of Toppling Goliath’s Mornin’ Delight and it was beyond delightful and wish that we somehow had that at JJ’s. After the Vikings took another L (sorry Joe), Monday started with a classic Surly Coffee Bender at Bread and Circus for my first time and I will definitely be going back. To follow, Joe, Kaleb, and I stopped at Taphouse 41 where I enjoyed an Underground Mountain from Founders. I can’t wait for more weekends like this one to come. Thank you to everyone who made it a good one.

Joe’s Week

From the looks of the new beers that showed up in our cooler this week, puretty sure we’ve gone from Oktoberfest, jumped over fresh hop and pumpkin beers, and are diving deep into Christmas ales. Honestly I’m a bit disappointed since, as a hop head, I love trying as many fresh hop beers as possible during the season. Also disappointing to have gotten so few pumpkin beers in this year, let’s blame 2020. 

We’ve gotten a lot of great beers in lately, both of tap and in the cooler. With Tom turning the big 50 this month, the 23rd for those that have glossed over his past couple emails, he keeps hinting at putting on a sale. Make sure to keep an eye out for any sale on singles, bombers and growler sales he might have up his sleeve. I have a feeling the remainder of the month will be a lot of fun!

Until Next Time…

Joe is right, don’t forget to give Tom crap for being 50. It’s all downhill from here boss. Enjoy! It’s Fill it Friday so 30% off growler fills and single bottle/can items in the beer cooler! Stop in and stock up!

REMINDER: is that growler just sitting in the corner not being used? Throw the cap away and rinse it out and we will get you a new, clean one full of great beer!

Cheers and beers,

Josh and Joe