JJ's Wine, Spirits & CigarsIn an effort to keep our employees and vulnerable customers safe while shopping at JJ’s, and eating and drinking in The 3.0 Bar, we are enforcing the following Covid-19 Mitigation Protocol for everyone who comes inside our store.

  1. ALL patrons, employees, vendors, repair people, service people and sales reps are required to wear a face covering. We will not serve anyone inside our building who does not comply with this rule. You are more than welcome to use our email ordering system to place an order and we will bring it to your car for you. This service is for those who are not ready to go inside, and also those who want to shop with us, but for some reason cannot wear a face covering. CLICK THIS LINK to visit the email order page, or just send an email to order@jjswine.com.
    • EXCEPTION: If you are eating and drinking in The 3.0 Bar, or attending an event in The Event Room, face coverings may be removed when with your group, or seated at the bar or at a table. Face coverings MUST BE WORN when not seated or with your group. Please maintain social distancing when possible as well.
  2. Use of hand sanitizer is encouraged, and we have bottles placed at all registers and point of sale areas.
  3. Please maintain a distance of six feet between customers. Proximity and density of people are a huge reason that this disease can spread fast from person to person, even when wearing a face covering. They work together to mitigate the spread.
  4. In The 3.0 Bar, tables may only be put together to accommodate a group of six or less people. Larger groups may be able to be accommodated outside on our patio (weather pending) or in The Event Room. Ask for details about this.
  5. If you are interested in booking an event in The Event Room, our current capacity is 35 people. We will not accept groups any larger than that.

Any questions about this, please send inquiries to tom@jjswine.com. He owns the place, and will take any heat necessary from people who think we are overreaching with our mitigation protocols.