Daviess County Bourbon Cabernet Cask

They make some really interesting whiskies at Lux Row. Let’s discuss Lux Row for a second before we dive into this one.

Lux Row Distillers, owned by Luxco, makes brands like Daviess County, Rebel Yell (Now Rebel), Blood Oath, David Nicholson and Ezra Brooks. They just recently opened a new distillery facility with the capability of pumping out 50,000 barrels annually once they are at full capacity. The good is that they are innovative. The bad is that they are young, and a lot of the bourbons we get from Lux Row are fairly young as well. That being said, I really like this one, and it’s opened my eyes to an innovation in whiskey making that is becoming more and more the norm… barrel finishing.

Barrel finishing is not new, but it is growing. As more and more distilleries are popping up with young whiskey, they are doing what they can to make their products unique, and barrel finishing is one of the techniques. The most popular barrel finished whiskies out on the market right now are from Angel’s Envy. Their Port Finished Bourbon and Rum Barrel Finished Rye are among some of the most popular whiskies in the world.

Finishing whiskey in wine barrels is a little more unique, and that is where Daviess County comes in. They make two barrel finished bourbons, both bottled at 96 proof. One is aged in French oak barrels, and other is finished in Cabernet barrels. It’s the Cabernet barrel finished bourbon that is today’s featured whiskey!

The bourbon is aged 48 months in new charred oak barrels, like bourbon should be. Then it is finished for six months in Cabernet barrels from Napa Valley. This creates a really interesting finish on this bourbon that is truly unique.

  • Preparation: None. Just don’t let it get too cold or too warm. Room temperature is perfect.
  • Glass: Glencairn to taste.
  • Cocktail Potential: Not really. It would make a nice Manhattan due to the low proof.
  • Available for Sale: Yes – JJ’s VIP Price – $44.79

Tom’s Tasting Note: Most of you know I like the high octane stuff. While this clocks in at 96 proof, it doesn’t show the heat you would expect in a high proof bourbon (High is 95 and up). I believe that is from the barrel finish. Otherwise it has a mouthful of honey, vanilla and caramel. The hug is where you feel the heat, and it is quite enjoyable. We are doing a wine barrel finish single barrel next year with a different distillery. Stay tuned for more details on that!