Busy week here so Josh and I haven’t had a chance to dive into many new beers.  Also with all the new kegs we tapped last week we didn’t tap anything new this week, I feel that definitely won’t be the case next week.  I purchased a few singles of Drekker but haven’t tried any of them yet.  For those still on the lookout we do still have some 4 packs available.  I did find a little time to stop down to Covert to try their new stout, Banana Boat….so good!  Now onto the big news of the day….Since the initial release in May, we’ve been asked times over from people in the store and calling into see if we have more Twin Bing or wanting to know when more will be available.  Today is the day!  We’ve got a good supply of 2 packs and are not limiting purchase amounts.  Stop on down, grab a couple 2 packs and word is that since the weather has held out into December, that Chef Kaleb will have brisket today in the 3.0 Bar, always a treat.