Ok bourbon snobs, don’t turn your nose up. This whisky is delicious. So before we get into it. A little about Canadian Whisky. Canadian Whisky is typically made from Rye an/or Corn, or a combination of the two. Very rarely, but in some cases, wheat and malted barley will be added as flavoring grains. Aged for at least three years in small wood barrels, and of course, in Canada.

The knock on Canadian Whisky amongst sophisticated whisky drinkers is the rule in Canada whiskies “may contain caramel and other flavors”. This lends to a lot of flexibility in what can be classified as whisky. Think Fireball. That being said, there are still some really good Canadian Whiskies out there, and this is one of them.

The fifth expression in the Noble Collection is a rare stock of Canadian Rye crafted from 90% rye mash whisky. Carefully aged in charred American white oak barrels for no less than 16 years. The aging process intensifies the complexity while also mellowing the finish. This remarkably smooth and layered whisky is hand selected from reserve stock, revealing its noble roots with every sip.

  • Preparation: None. Just don’t let it get too cold or too warm. Room temperature is perfect.
  • Glass: Glencairn to taste.
  • Cocktail Potential: Not really. It would make a nice Manhattan due to the low proof.
  • Available for Sale: Yes – JJ’s VIP Price – $75.99

Tom’s Tasting Note: This whisky is remarkable if you like rye. It checks all of the boxes with bold and spicy upfront, softened by creamy vanilla, sweet caramel, honeycomb and hints of stone fruit. Hints of cinnamon, anise and clove leave a lasting warmth in the finish. I highly recommend this pour for anyone who is interested in expanding past American made whiskies, but not quite ready for Scotch or Japanese. More on that later! Have a great weekend!