Chivas Regal Royal Salute – Aged 21 Years

We are on Day 6 of the 2020 Holiday Countdown Calendar. And it’s Sunday, so I thought a Sunday Sipper was appropriate. And, I think I picked a good one. I hope you agree.

Chivas Regal is one of the most renowned makers of fine blended scotch in the world. Let’s reiterate that… blended Scotch. The whiskey world is currently enthralled with “single malts”, “single barrels”, “small batches”, etc. While the trend is what it is, we can’t forget about these guys. Blended scotches are simply that, blended. Blended from multiple distilleries for the purpose of consistency in the end product. Where “single” and “small” are all about unique character from batch to batch, blended whiskies are all about that consistency.

Aged blended whiskies, such as Royal Salute, are aged as individual barrels for the minimum number of years on the age statement, then blended together for the final flavor profile. This is where the artistic nature, and relative uniqueness of blended Scotches, like Royal Salute are identified. It is the Master Blender that has the final say on what barrels go into the final representation, and it is this that is the most crucial step insure the reputation and quality of the product.\

  • Preparation: None. As before, do not let it get too cold, or too warm.
  • Glass: Glencairn will show the character of this whisky the best.
  • Cocktail Potential: No. Hell no.
  • Availability: Available, but only some times. Currently awaiting new bottles – JJ’s VIP Price – $219.99

Tom’s Tasting Note: You all know me, I love me some bourbon. But you also know I am all about the Who, the What and the Where. Anytime you get an opportunity to experience a whisky that is over two decades old, you have to take advantage. When you do, try not to think so much about the flavor or the aromatics, think about “Who” made it, “What” went into it, and “Where” it was made. All of this with respect to the age gives it so much more appeal than just the flavor.

I am happy to have provided that opportunity for you in this year’s inaugural Holiday Countdown Calendar. Honeysuckle, Leather, Slight Caramel and a distinctive and memorable finish.