Maker’s Mark 46 – Cask Strength

Released just recently, this expression of Maker’s Mark has been kind of taking the bourbon world by storm. It used to be that you couldn’t get it anywhere, other than the Maker’s Mark gift shop, where I have visited frequently.

There is a restaurant that I frequent in Louisville, KY called Eddie Merlot’s. It’s a great classic steakhouse (a lot like Morrie’s). Good steaks, good cocktails and a world class wine list. They do their own Maker’s Mark Private Selection, much like we do. When they started doing it, they wanted to have a bourbon that was just like Maker’s 46, but Cask Strength. So, their recipe for their Maker’s Private Selection is ten 46 Process staves (virgin French Oak). So, in essence, they have been serving this product for some time now.

What is the 46 Process? 46 is a reference to the number of times they attempted to find the right staves that are inserted into full barrels of fully aged Maker’s Mark Bourbon. The whisky is then aged an additional nine weeks with those staves which are virgin cured French Oak staves.

  • Preparation: I like this whisky cold, especially at cask strength. When drinking, I will pour over a large cube. When tasting, set it in the fridge for an hour.
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Cocktail Potential: Many that you would use high proof bourbon for. I prefer chilled neat or on the rocks.
  • Available: Not right now, we ran out of our first allocation. Should be back though, just not sure when. JJ’s VIP Price – $63.99

Tom’s Tasting Note: This is such a smooth sipper, even at 109 proof. I love the big, sweet caramel notes and the presence of that extra oak. When we have done our Private Selection picks at Maker’s Mark, we have always strived to get something NOT like the original Maker’s 46. But I tell ya, they knew what they were doing when they made this one. Enjoy!