Barrell Craft Spirits – Rum – 14 Years Old

I hope your ready for this one. Peek at the preparation section before attempting to taste this bottle. There is some preliminary work required. Barrel strength rums are very rare, and the ones we have seen are pretty impressive. This is no exception.

A blend of Jamaican, Guyanese Demerara, and Barbados Rums, Crafted and bottled in Kentucky at 129.4 proof cask strength.

Jamaican rums can be at once endlessly rewarding in their complexity but a challenge to grapple with, so blending in Barbados and Demerara rums allows each of the distinct aromas to shine while focusing the profile around the berry fruit and peppery spice shared by all of these styles. Patience and a splash of water reward the drinker with boundless entertainment: innumerable tropical fruits, maritime minerals and heady florals.

  • Preparation: Your palate needs to acclimate to truly enjoy this rum. Either that, or add just a touch of water to it. To acclimate your palate, take a tiny taste of the rum and swish it around your mouth, much like the Kentucky chew. Once you have acclimated, your taste buds will dance to the complexity of this rum.
  • Glass: Double Old Fashioned
  • Cocktail Potential: No
  • Availability: I have one bottle left of this batch as of today. – JJ’s VIP Price – $239.99 (Tiki Tuesday Price – $209.99)

Tom’s Tasting Note: This is a mind-blowing rum experience. As indicated earlier, there are not very many “Cask Strength” rums on the market. One of our other favorites is Plantation OFTD, and it is significantly cheaper, but not nearly as delicious. This rum is laden with a cacophony of fruit flavors, plus exotic spices and some savory notes. There is a lot going on here. Enjoy!