1792 Full Proof Single Barrel – 1st Edition

This one tugs at the heart strings a little, I’m not going to lie. We selected this barrel back in 2017. Everyone told me I was a little nuts getting it bottled at 125 proof, but we wanted to give you the chance to taste what we tasted when the barrel was selected. Steve Hartman, head brewer at WoodGrain Brewing, helped me select this barrel, and it does not disappoint. Shortly after we received this barrel, the 1792 Full Proof (not store pick) was rated as a top whiskey from one of the multitudes of ratings and review groups. We were pretty stoked to learn we were ahead of the game, so now we bottle all of our 1792 Single Barrels at Full Proof, and they are always delicious. Among some of the best bourbons we have ever selected.

What is “Full Proof”? At 1792, the white dog enters the barrel at 125 proof. Over the course of 9-12 years, the bourbon gains in proof as the water evaporates. Before bottling the bourbon it is “proofed down” to 125, the same proof it went in at.

  • Preparation: She’s hot, so cool it down for a sip, or just add it directly to ice.
  • Glass: Glencairn or Double Old Fashioned
  • Cocktail Potential: This was the whiskey that we used to develop the very first 3.0ld Fashioned, before we even knew it was going to be The 3.0ld Fashioned!
  • Available: Nope. Long gone, so savor it! If you have a bottle of this still hiding in your cabinet, cherish it. It will have a JJ’s Medallion on it with no edition statement. We didn’t start that until #2

Tom’s Tasting Note: I think I said enough up top. From a flavor perspective it’s loaded with spice, caramel and toasty oak notes. A very well balanced bourbon, even at 125 proof. This was one of two bottles I had in my library stash. I am hesitant to open the other one, but damn, it’s so good.