Four Roses Barrel Proof Single Barrel 2020 – OESQ

As we continue with the Top 10 for this year’s Holiday Countdown Calendar, we visit Four Roses. This was a pick that Zac and I made in January with Four Roses. It was a bittersweet pick, as it was our first pick after the passing of Al Young. Al was Master Taster at Four Roses for over 50 years, and was responsible for assisting us with our first three barrels of Four Roses Barrel Proof. We were determined to make this pick a testament to what we learned from Al over the years. And I think we accomplished that.

Four Roses produces ten different mash bills at the Four Roses Distillery. Technically two mash bills with five different yeast strains. I won’t get into the details of what is what, it gets pretty complicated. Visit – Our Recipes – Four Roses Bourbon – When we do barrel selections at Four Roses, they roll out a number of barrels. All representing different ages, mash bills and yeast strains. We do not know what those are, until after we have made our choice. Reason being, they don’t want our knowledge of the ingredients to affect our judgment in the selection.

Our first Four Roses pick was OESF. Our next two were OBSV. We were determined NOT to pick OBSV this time, but agreed that was the case when we selected our barrel. We were incorrect. This barrel is an OESQ barrel. Visit the Four Roses website for more info on the different mas bills – Our Recipes – Four Roses Bourbon

  • Preparation: Slight chill. I wouldn’t dilute over ice.
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Cocktail Potential: Makes a great Old Fashioned, but otherwise on the rocks or neat, slightly chilled.
  • Availability: This is available for pours in The 3.0 Bar

Tom’s Tasting Note: I love all of my barrel picks, almost as much as my own children (sorry Aaron & James). This one is special for a lot of reasons, mostly because we were able to talk about Al with the team and reminisce on some great times and really great barrels. Caramel, heavy caramel, spice and toasty oak. Enjoy!