Eagle Rare – JJ’s 1st Edition Single Barrel

A couple of years ago, we were given the opportunity to purchase a barrel of Eagle Rare. Prior to going on our selection trip, we were informed that we could not pick Eagle Rare. The barrels were being pulled from production for some mysterious reason. Some say it was because of some sort of infection. Some say it was to lay more down for BTAC. Who really knows? So, our “consolation prize” was the first ever barrel of Blanton’s Single Barrel Store pick in the state of SD. Not a bad consolation, but I was really looking forward to that Eagle Rare barrel.

Fast forward to January of 2020. We finally get to pick our Eagle Rare barrel. Along with two Blanton’s Barrels and a Buffalo Trace barrel. It was a lot of work for a Tuesday morning in January. We knew we wanted to get them all right, but since it was our first ER pick, we did that selection first.

Sometimes in speaking about single barrels, you hear us talk of “honey holes”. In regard to barrels, these are resting spots known for aging barrels with distinction. We don’t really know where those “honey holes” are, but we known we have a barrel when we taste it, and this was one such barrel. It’s a bold statement, but it is definitely the best barrel we picked in 2020.

  • Preparation: Room temp, or slightly lower. Ten minutes in the fridge wouldn’t hurt. You won’t want to dilute it, as it is only 90 proof.
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Cocktail Potential: Just like all good bourbons, of course. But why would you? It’s a smooth sipper neat or on the rocks.
  • Available: Bottles for this sold out in a day. Some of you were lucky enough to get 1.75 Liter Bottles. That probably won’t ever happen again. It is available for pours in The 3.0 Bar.

Tom’s Tasting Note: Smooth sipper does not do this justice. This bourbon is insanely complex in it’s fruit and caramel forward flavor profile. More subtle notes of dark cherry and vanilla reside as you savor the flavor. The finish is long and warm, even at 90 proof. When you finish your taste, get a long inhale on the empty glass. Enjoy!