We are getting new equipment and need to rearrange our kitchen! We will be back next week Wednesday the 2nd, and will have that weeks list of items posted here on Tuesday the 1st. We look forward to seeing you again 🙂 Until then, feel free to email any future orders or questions to Kate@jjsboozybakery.com, and enjoy some pictures of a small variety of our desserts.

Our Tiramisu-tini Brownies utilize our fudgy chocolate brownies with a tiramisu martini frosting, sprinkled with espresso and ground chocolate, and topped with two chocolate covered espresso beans!

A smaller take on a classic- Pineapple Upside-Down Cake! With caramelized crushed pecans, a delicious pineapple ring, and topped with a tart cherry!

Our classic creamy cheesecake with a pistachio take! Sweet and slightly salty with a whole lotta temptation!

An absolutely tempting take on the classic Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookie! Infused with a specially chosen stout- check in on Facebook to find out what’s being featured!

A smooth, creamy, and barley tart combination of mango and margarita in our classic cheesecake! Topped with a puree of from scratch mango margarita fruit spread!

Bright and fluffy lemon vodka cupcake filled with tart lemon drop curd and topped with lemon drop frosting!

A scrumptious Cookies and Cream frosting on our fudgy chocolate brownies baked with chunks of Oreos!

A creamy peanut buttercup no bake cheesecake topping on our fudgy chocolate brownie, drizzled with chocolate ganache and chunks of peanut buttercups!

A boozy take on a traditional Tres Leche Cake, topped with from scratch whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon

Our boozy turtle frosting on a fudgy brownie topped with salted caramel, boozy chocolate ganache and candied pecans.

Creamy and decadent chocolate frosting on top of our classic fudgy brownie, drizzled with salted caramel and topped with toasted pecans!

A soft chocolate whiskey cupcake filled with creamy peanut butter whiskey filling and topped with smooth irish whiskey frosting!

A sinful amount of chocolate for one cake! Classic devils food cake layered with smooth and rich ganache, surrounded by decadent chocolate buttercream and drippy ganache!

A Jameson special on our fudgy brownies with a kick of espresso goodness!

Our fudgy brownies topped with fluffy marshmallow, smooth salted caramel, and dark chocolate!

A creamy enticing hazelnut explosion with Frangelico and Nutella on our fudgy brownie, drizzled with a smooth chocolate ganache Nutella mixture, and sprinkled with pure chocolate sprinkles.

A triple threat velvety vanilla Upside Down Fruited Sour Ale cupcake filled with a chunky pineapple, cherry, and sour ale filling, and topped with our classic frosting turned Upside Down!

A rich and chocolate-y Menage a Trois Cupcake with a decadent Menage a Trios ganache filling!

Our fudgy chocolate brownie topped with a delicious combination of baileys, irish whiskey, and espresso frosting and topped with Irishman ganache.

A graham cracker crust with Samoa cheesecake, topped with salted caramel and toasted coconut with a chocolate ganache drizzle.

Warm vanilla cookies filled with white chocolate and chunks of toffee!

Soft and sinful devils food cupcakes filled with salted caramel, topped with our turtle frosting, a drizzle of salted caramel and ganache, and a candied pecan!

A fudgy espresso brownie with tiramisu-tini frosting and sprinkled with espresso and fine chocolate and topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean!

Similar to Scotcharoos!

Our classic fudgy brownies with a tempting mudslide frosting and drizzle of mudslide ganache!

Perfectly Chocolatey cupcakes filled with caramel vodka and topped with smooth caramel vodka frosting with a salted caramel drizzle.

Our devilishly tempting chocolate cake brushed with creme de menthe, filled and frosted with our creme de menthe buttercream with chopped minty malted milk balls, with a drippy ganache, swirls of creme de menthe, and topped with a minty malted milk ball.

A deliciously cinnamon-y vanilla fireball cupcake with swirls of fireball frosting!

A customer favorite! Our boozy almond amaretto cupcake topped with creamy almond amaretto frosting!

Soft and silky chocolate whoopie pies filled with fluffy marshmallow frosting!

Caramel Baileys Cheesecake drizzled with caramel baileys ganache and salted caramel!

A variation on traditional Tres Leche Cake turned into a mini cake and filled with rum!

What’s better than getting to have your margarita and a silky cheesecake at the same time? Nothing, you should try it 😉

A traditional soft and fluffy red velvet cupcake topped with addictive cream cheese frosting.

Our traditional fudgey brownie with milky way chunks and topped with our tempting milky way martini frosting, milky way martini chocolate ganache and salted caramel, topped with sliced milky ways!

Soft, lemon-y, slightly cripsy, and perfectly classic!

A holiday favorite, our white chocolate soft and citrus-y bar, a perfect trio of cranberries, white chocolate, and a touch of orange!

Chocolate not really your thing? We have you covered! Stop in to try one of our irresistible crumbly almond crumble bar, the perfect combination of almond, cinnamon, and sweet!

A tempting classic of soft and slightly crisp coconut dunked in dark chocolate! This fan favorite is also gluten free!

Our classic chocolate roll cake soaked in irish car bomb, layered with smooth buttercream and topped with creamy irish car bomb mousse!

As our employees like to call it- our delicious egg pie offered in a puff pastry hand pressed crust.

Our fudgy brownie with a bourbon twist- topped with creamy bourbon peanut butter, drunk in the kitchen ganache, and chopped chocolate covered pretzels.

A classic chocolate cookie stuffed full of smooth chocolate chips!

Our rich Godiva Chocolate liqueur cupcakes filled with smooth Godiva Chocolate Liqueur ganache filling, and a light and fluffy Godiva Chocolate Liqueur frosting!

Our handcrafted medium sized charcuterie boxes, also available in small in store, and larger sizes by special order!

Espresso? Booze? Fudgy Chocolate? What more could you ask for.

Our soft vanilla lemon vodka cake filled with smooth lemon vodka curd, and surrounded by our silky lemon vodka buttercream.

Our classic vanilla cheesecake with graham cracker crust topped with creamy chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow!

A customer favorite of layers of traditional tiramisu! Creamy, fluffy, and espresso-y!

Our kid friendly but devilishly delicious nonboozy Cookie Dough Brownies are filled with edible cookie dough and topped with creamy chocolate ganache on our fudgy brownies.

Our rich chocolate whiskey cupcakes filled with a fluffed espresso baileys filling and a smooth espresso whiskey frosting

Our made from scratch crispy crust filled with thick lemon curd and a homemade whip cream!

Our fudgy brownie topped with Kahlua espresso frosting, two chocolate covered espresso beans, a chocolate disc, and filled with love

Chocolate and Marshmallow swirl together in this fantastic dessert inspired by HoHo cakes!

Jean’s famous chocolate chip cookies, the perfect midline between soft and crunchy, with satisfying amounts of vanilla and chocolate!

A customer favorite of our fudgy brownie with a caramel baileys frosting and a drizzled of baileys chocolate ganache and a salted caramel

Our made from scratch crumbly graham cracker crust topped with a scrumptious caramel apple cheesecake with apple crumble

A delicious combination of warm vanilla, creamy chocolate, and a crunch of peppermint fit for a trip through the Candy Cane Forest

Our fudgy brownies topped with a smooth and creamy peanut butter frosting and a dark chocolate ganache layer

A nice crispy crumbly crust topped with our smooth and lip puckering lemon curd

A Boozy Bakery Classic! A fantastic caramel-y, chocolate-y, toffee combination in a crispy cake base!

A delicious combination of our fudgy brownies with cookie pieces topped with cookies and cream frosting and half of an Oreo!

A smooth and creamy buttermint frosting on top of our fudgy brownies, topped with a dark chocolate ganache layer and mini buttermint candy morsels!

Our classic fudgy brownie filled with Milky Way bites and topped with a sinful frosting combination of Caramel Vodka, Baileys, and Godiva. To top it off we added our Milky Way ganache, caramel, and Milky Way slices.

Crispy, Crunchy, Penaut-Buttery, with a soft interior and sprinkled with sugar! This classic couldn’t get any better.

Our crispy hand pressed, made from scratch crusts with a sweet and gooey bourbon pecan filling