In the world of whiskey, and especially American made Bourbon Whiskey, there are a very large number of products on the market that when tasted, seem very similar to other brands and products. Well, the answer to that is an easy one… it IS the same product. Just branded differently for broader market presence. These are not to be confused with non-distiller producer products (NDP), where barrels of whiskey are purchased from a larger distiller and re-branded to suit their own narrative, thereby becoming a new whiskey entirely. It’s like magic. We will discuss this more down the road with an upcoming calendar item.

White Cap & Black Cap Edition – Bowman Brothers Virginia Small Batch Bourbon

The narrative written to talk about Bowman Brothers Distillery is pretty cool. Taking its roots back to the Revolutionary War. That being said, and probably for very good reason, the distillery does not actually make the whiskey you are tasting today. They do store barrels on the site, which is required to call it “Virigina Bourbon”. So, where is it made? Frankfort Kentucky, but I didn’t tell you that. It’s the most known, and worst kept secret out there, that this product is made at a distillery in Frankfort where Buffalo used to roam many decades ago. In fact, it’s likely the same distillate and age as the brand that bears the name of said distillery where Buffalo used to roam. So, if you were to purchase a bottle of Bowman Brothers Small Batch Bourbon and compare it to the aforementioned bourbon, you would find a lot of similarities. But don’t’ call it that, because it’s not… sort of. Confused yet? So are we. Enjoy Bowman Brothers Small Batch Bourbon.

  • Glass: Glencairn or Highball glass with water or coke
  • Temperature: It’s 90.0 Proof, so a smooth sipper out of the bottle
  • Other Preparation: If you are going to make a bourbon and Coke, grab a Coke.
  • VIP Price at JJ’s: $29.74/bottle (Whiskey Wednesday Price! Regular VIP Price – $34.39)
  • Available: Yes, for now. Until people read this post.

Tom’s Tasting Note: You may find this entry to be a little cheeky. That is intended. What is going in our world of whiskey today is rough on an old bottle shop owner because it requires us to stay on top of our game as our shelves get flooded with brands and product derivatives that serve one purpose… shelf dominance. Unfortunately, we don’t have any choice but to constantly search for more space to keep offering the latest and the greatest. It’s fun, to a degree, but until someone invents something akin to a shelf stretcher, it’s just going to be more complicated. That being said… this bourbon is pretty tasty! Loaded with all of the flavor and character you would expect from its cousin. Caramel notes, spice, mild heat on the mid-palate and really silky mouthfeel. It is indeed a very good bourbon.