JJ's Wine, Spirits & CigarsA lot of you may have noticed that you got an email from me yesterday. This is going to be the normal going forward. We will be sending out emails on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I know, seems like a lot, but once I lay out the rationale it will make more sense! If you don’t want to get emails from us, that’s fine, there are plenty of ways to stay connected. See below about our new Facebook Group “What’s Going on at JJ’s?”

  • Monday – My Wine Monday! So, Monday is a great day to buy wine, but a lot of you forget about that until it’s too late! This is why we will be sending out a short email reminding of the Monday wine deal, but also highlighting some featured items! These will either be new items, or just items we want to make you aware of, but it will be all about the wine!
  • Tuesday – What’s Going on at JJ’s? This will be my weekly blog/email (like today) talking about what’s going on at JJ’s and JJ’s Axes & Ales for the week. Live music, raffles, food features, The Boozy Bakery, upcoming events, etc. Plus a few anecdotal tidbits to keep you entertained.
  • Wednesday – Whisk(e)y Wednesday! Wednesday emails will be all about Whisk(e)y Wednesday! The deals, the feature flight, the bottle raffle, the single barrel releases, cocktail of the week and anything else related to spirits!
  • Thursday – Weekly wrap-up. What’s going on at Levitt and other community events for the weekend. Reminders about food features and events plus live music in JJ’s Bar. We will avoid sending emails on Friday & Saturday as it seems to be that day of the week when you are least likely to read it! Unless we have something really important to talk about!

In an effort to communicate with you better through social media, we have also set up a private Facebook group. Just for people who are interested in what we have to say, and really don’t have time to read emails! Most of the content here will be the same as the stuff you see on Facebook regularly, but we won’t be subjected to the dread Facebook algorithm when it comes to what hits your news feed. Click this link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021080385357821/ – Then click “Join”. Once we see who you are, we will add you to the group!

Please let me know if you have any questions on this! We want to do everything we can to keep you in the know, and we feel this is the best approach for now!

Back to School

It’s Back to School time! Be sure to take some time for yourself to recuperate from all of the craziness! We can’t stress enough how much we want to help you through this process of either returning to school yourself or getting the kiddos back into a normal rhythm! How can we help? By offering you a safe place to escape when you need it. JJ’s Bar is a quiet spot for friends and cohabitators to escape from the chaos of the normal and this week we have some extra special reasons to stop in!

What’s Going on the rest of the Week?

Tuesday – Today is National Rum Day, so be sure to stop in and celebrate with your favorite rum cocktail! We also have some spectacular weather so the garage doors are open, and all of the fresh air is feeling great!

Wednesday – Whisk(e)y Wednesday! All spirits are 30% off List Price plus our feature flight and weekly bottle raffle. Watch for tomorrow’s email or https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021080385357821/ – The Boozy Bakery Cases will be loaded with your favorite goodies and Kaleb is serving up some Honey BBQ Ribs for this week’s Food Feature! See our full menu or order online for carryout at https://order.jjswine.com

Thursday – Levitt at the Falls with the music of Sophia Beatty – https://fb.me/e/2EfTm99xB – JJ’s Bar at the Levitt opens for Happy Hour at 6:00pm!

Friday – Breakfast for Lunch at JJ’s! Chef Kaleb will be offering his Brisket Hash and Eggs again this week. Kitchen opens at Noon! Levitt at the Falls with the music of Kuinka – https://fb.me/e/29j1cvwM0 – JJ’s Bar at the Levitt opens for Happy Hour at 6:00pm!

Saturday – Breakfast for Lunch at JJ’s! Chef Kaleb will be offering his Brisket Hash and Eggs again this week. Kitchen opens at Noon! Bloody Mary’s are $6 from open until 3:00pn. Levitt at the Falls with the music of The Lemon Bucket Orchestra – https://fb.me/e/225jTqxYS – JJ’s Bar at the Levitt opens for Happy Hour at 6:00pm!

Sioux Fall’s Local Best

For the Second year in a row, YOU have named us here at JJ’s your favorite place to shop for adult beverages! Many thanks to those who voted for us, and even more so for your continued support of our little Mom & Pop shop in south Sioux Falls! See the results here at – The 5 best Beer, Wine & Spirits in Sioux Falls ♥ The Local Best

That’s it for today! Have a great week!