Today is Thursday, September 26th. We are finally into some Fall weather for the upcoming weekend! It is, however going to be nice enough for some solid patio weather, and football! We will once again be parked in the Southeast corner of Kirkeby-Over stadium with TWENTY different brews on tap for you to enjoy while enjoying the game! More on that later…

As we are going in to Fall, we are also kicking off LIVE music on Thursdays! Pretty excited about that. This will be every Thursday from 7-9pm. Music will either be in the bar or on the patio, for as long as we can. The team is getting the patio heaters cleaned up and ready to go. Hopefully we can extend the season for a little while longer!
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This is a sort of a rhetorical question, but also the title of our new Facebook Group! What’s Going on at JJ’s is a private group that we will be building a community of JJ’s fans in an effort to communicate with you a little more consistently on Facebook. The link to join the group is here – – You will be asked a couple of super easy questions, and then welcomed with open arms! So, what is going on at JJ’s this weekend?

  • Thursday – Thursdays have been interesting nights in JJ’s Bar. It has kind of turned into a “date night” for a lot of people, with quite a few of you coming in to dine and enjoy a quiet evening on the patio. If you read our Food News email on Tuesday, you saw that we are offering Seafood Mac & Cheese, Chicken Wings and Sweet Potato Puffs. Check out The Boozy Bakery™ | JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars ( to see what’s available! LIVE music will be on the patio tonight with Micah Wetzel!
  • Friday – JJ’s Bar opens at NOON for lunch and this week we have Biscuits & Gravy as our Breakfast for Lunch feature (Friday & Saturday. It’s all about Oktoberfest and other Fall beers in the beer department. It is Fresh Beer Friday, so all singles and growlers are 30% off List Price! See our full list of Draft Beers to Go (or stay) this link, then follow us on UNTAPPD for updates! – Draft Beer To Go – Or Stay! | JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars (
  • Saturday – We are all over the place again on Saturday, but here at JJ’s Bar we will have college football on all day, plus it will be fairly nice out, so the patio will be open with heaters and so will our garage doors! If you are going to the Augie game, JJ’s Bar at KO Stadium opens at NOON, serving up some tasty brews and wine. We will close at the end of the 3rd quarter and get ready for two more weddings!

Looking down the road a bit, we have some fun dates to circle on your calendar…

  • October 4th through the 8th we are doing a week-long food event with different features each day. Starting with Tito’s Taco Tuesday for National Taco Day on October 4th. Stay tuned for more details on the rest of the week!
  • October 23rd is my birthday, so, since it is on a Sunday, we are going to celebrate all week the week after with some fun food features, events, live music and hopefully a couple of special single barrel releases. Stay tuned for that as well!
  • October 27th – During birthday week, we will be hosting a Tequila Dinner with our friends from Codigo 1530. This will be a four-course dinner with four different tequilas including both of our single barrel tequilas. Stay tuned for more details on this one as well. Tickets will go on sale October 4th.


For the Second year in a row, YOU have named us here at JJ’s your favorite place to shop for adult beverages! Many thanks to those who voted for us, and even more so for your continued support of our little Mom & Pop shop in south Sioux Falls! See the results here at – The 5 best Beer, Wine & Spirits in Sioux Falls The Local Best

We have also been named, for the second year in a row, the NATION’s #15 Adult Beverage Retailer! The only Midwest retailer in the Top 20 of Beverage Dynamics Top 100 Retailers of the Year!

That’s it for this week! Watch the social media channels through the weekend to see what else might pop up at JJ’s this weekend! All of the links are below…

Have a great weekend!