October starts on Saturday. I mean, we like September and all, but October is special. Why? A variety of reasons, but mostly because it is birthday month! You all know that I am not against exploiting my birthday, or others to have a good time. This upcoming October is no different. And we have a lot going on. I will kind of lay it all out here, but please stay glued to your emails for more info as we progress through the greatest month of the year!

Kaleb and Kate are taking a vacation next week. So instead of shutting things down in the kitchen, we have decided to take things up a notch. Sort of. Starting Tuesday, we will not be offering our full menu for the remainder of the week. You will, however, be able to enjoy our pizzas, dips and other light shareables. Just no fried food or sandwiches. We hate to do it, but sometimes it’s necessary when you have a one man show in the kitchen (Visit https://jjswine.com/jjobs if you know anyone looking for a job in culinary arts.). That being said, everyone else has decided to pitch in and offer a specialized entree each of the days next week that Kaleb is gone…

  • Tuesday, October 4th – Carrie is taking over the kitchen to spearhead what we are calling Tito’s Taco Tuesday! It’s not only “National Drink Vodka Day” it is also “National Taco Day”, so we decided to combine the two together. These aren’t just any tacos either, these are fish tacos made with pan seared cod loins and Carrie’s special slaw in a flour tortilla. Served with a side of cilantro lime rice. Enjoy this two-taco entree with a Tito’s Handmade Vodka American Mule for $20!
  • Wednesday, October 5th – Joe is taking over the kitchen to bring you his crock-pot chili for Whiskey Wednesday! Beef, pork, beans and a rich tomatoey base are the main ingredients. The rest is a secret… apparently. Our feature flight for whiskey Wednesday will be with Barrell Craft Spirits, so the combination of the two will work quite well! Chili will be served with Jean’s Home-made corn bread.
  • Thursday, October 6th – My turn! When trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I decided to go big or go home, so steak it is! I will be testing my cooking method over the weekend, but the plan is to pre-smoke some aged prime top sirloins and then sous vide them to hold and finish on our char-broiler (or grill of it’s nice out). Served with Jean’s Cheesey Potatoes and a bourbon butter dinner roll.
  • Friday, October 7th – Comfort Food Friday is back! Jean is making pans of her lasagna. This lasagna has kept me from losing weight for years, and I am sure you will agree it is one of the best! Served with garlic bread and a Caesar salad.
  • Saturday, October 8th – Colorado Beef Enchiladas and Spanish Rice. Tender and juicy beef cooked meticulously in a rich enchilada sauce and baked with a three-cheese combination topped with more cheese and more sauce. This will be served with a spring salad and avocado dressing along with chips and salsa.

This will definitely be a fun week. A little different, but fun. Our event schedule is a little lighter, so will have all hands on-deck to pull it off. All of these tasty entrees will be available in the evening only after 4:00pm until we run out. Stop in once or stop in all five days! Jean is also picking up the slack in the dessert department, so we will have plenty of things for you to choose from in The Boozy Bakery! A lot of this will be laid out again in next week’s Food News on Tuesday, so stay tuned!JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars


This is a sort of a rhetorical question, but also the title of our new Facebook Group! What’s Going on at JJ’s is a private group that we will be building a community of JJ’s fans in an effort to communicate with you a little more consistently on Facebook. The link to join the group is here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021080385357821/ – You will be asked a couple of super easy questions, and then welcomed with open arms! So, what is going on at JJ’s this weekend?

  • Thursday – We have the incomparable Miss Elisabeth Hunstad in the house tonight to entertain you while you dine on our full menu, plus we have Crab Cakes and Sweet Potato Bites for a feature. Check out The Boozy Bakery™ | JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars (jjswine.com) to see what’s available for desserts! Checkout The Boozy Bakery at JJ’s – Online Ordering (jjswine.com) to see what is available for carryout! The weather is looking to be perfect for patio weather, so we will probably have Elisabeth outside with the garage doors open. She will be playing from 7-9pm! We have also launched our “Early Fall Cocktail” cocktail menu, and I think you will enjoy what the team has created!
  • Friday – JJ’s Bar opens at NOON for lunch and this week we have Scotch Eggs as our Breakfast for Lunch feature (Friday & Saturday.) These are soft boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and breaded then fried to perfection. It’s all about Oktoberfest and other Fall beers in the beer department. It is Fresh Beer Friday, so all singles and growlers are 30% off List Price! See our full list of Draft Beers to Go (or stay) this link, then follow us on UNTAPPD for updates! – Draft Beer To Go – Or Stay! | JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars (jjswine.com)
  • Saturday – We will have a very large JJ’s presence at the Augie-USF game as we are expecting a big crowd for this in-town rivalry. Referred to as “The Key to the City” game, with “the key” currently being held by the Cougars. The last time this game was played on campus at KO Stadium was 2018, and we did not have JJ’s Beer Garden. We do this year, and expect a whole lot of fun! JJ’s Beer Garden at KO Stadium opens at NOON on Saturday offering 18 different tap beer options plus wine. Please note… JJ’s Beer Garden CLOSES at the end of the 3rd quarter. Anybody waiting for a brew at that time will be allowed to purchase up until the quarter break is over. If you are in line at that time, you will be out of luck! After the game, come back to JJ’s for some food, great drinks and MORE live music with our good friend Chad Madsen! Chad will be playing from 6-9pm, hopefully on the patio!

As far as the rest of October? Here is a taste of what to look for…

  • October 4th, along with Tito’s Taco Tuesday, we are also holding our October FREE Wine EXPO in The Event Room at JJ’s! We will have about thirty different wines on display, and again, it’s totally free! After you sip through the wines, pop over to JJ’s Bar for some food and… more wine!
  • October 23rd is my birthday, so, since it is on a Sunday, we are going to celebrate all week the week after with some fun food features, events, live music and hopefully a couple of special single barrel releases. Stay tuned for that as well!
  • October 26th – This will be a very special Whisk(e)y Wednesday, and cross your fingers, barrel release. I can’t tell you what will be released because it has not arrived yet, but if it does show up, it will be huge!
  • October 27th – During birthday week, we will be hosting a Tequila Dinner with our friends from Codigo 1530. This will be a four-course dinner with four different tequilas including both of our single barrel tequilas. Stay tuned for more details on this one as well. Tickets will go on sale October 4th.


For the Second year in a row, YOU have named us here at JJ’s your favorite place to shop for adult beverages! Many thanks to those who voted for us, and even more so for your continued support of our little Mom & Pop shop in south Sioux Falls! See the results here at – The 5 best Beer, Wine & Spirits in Sioux Falls The Local Best

We have also been named, for the second year in a row, the NATION’s #15 Adult Beverage Retailer! The only Midwest retailer in the Top 20 of Beverage Dynamics Top 100 Retailers of the Year!

That’s it for this week! Watch the social media channels through the weekend to see what else might pop up at JJ’s this weekend! All of the links are below…

Have a great weekend!