The Bar at JJ’s

What is “The 3.0 Bar”

First off, what does “3.0” mean? 3.0 is a reference to the third incarantion of JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars. When we built JJ’s 3.0 in 2018 and added a bar, we thought it appropriate to reference this third incarnation in naming the bar… thus The 3.0 Bar.

What will we find in The 3.0 Bar

A lot of whiskey. We are a whiskey bar first, then a cocktail bar. We are a neighborhood watering hole with excellent drinks, excellent food, and an inviting atomosphere. We have 16, mostly local, craft beers on tap, plus an entire cooler full of beer options by the bottle or can.

Wait… What about wine?

We have a world class wine list. How’s that? Because every single bottle in our retail store is available for consumption in The 3.0 Bar for a scaleable cork fee. We also have a large selection of “by the glass” options as well!

So… Tell me about the food!

Chef Kaleb Blue has created a menu of shareable items served family style in The 3.0 Bar. You will enjoy the sizeable portions, meant to be shared, and the attention to detail when it comes to flavor, preparedenss and presentation. We also feature the ONLY adult beverage establishment in the Midwest with it’s dessert factory known as The Boozy Bakery! The brain child of JJ’s owner, Jean Slattery, here you will find all kinds of boozy and non-boozy desserts and confections that will pair well with any of our adult beverage options in The 3.0 Bar.

Our Savory Selections are available Wednesday through Saturday from 12pm (for lunch) until 8pm. Since we are a “Happy Hour-Centric” establishment and not a late night watering hole, we put all of the emphasis on the early crowd. There are plenty of options in this town for late night food and beverage! Here is our current menu…