Compass Box – Metropolis

It’s Christmas Eve morning. It’s also Sunday morning, so things are a little weird. I have to get this blog post done so that I have time to get the house picked up before the kids and their significant others descend on us this evening for our traditional Christmas Eve filled with Chinese take-out and gift exchange.

I thought for this post, I would fill you in on what’s going on with our kids. Call it our Christmas card, if you will.

Aaron (Age 26) – Aaron is currently living in Sioux Falls and working as a data analyst for Direct Companies. At least I think that is what his job is. Nerd stuff he calls it. He has been with DC for about three years now and is now a supervisor in his “pod”. He is currently taking a couple of geology classes to expand his wealth of knowledge and a potential career change in the future. He has always been an eager learner. In his spare time he reads books like a crazy person, hangs out in our hot tub, plays video games and spends a lot of time with friends. The highlight of his year was a trip to Moab, Utah for his friend Trevor’s wedding.

Tucker (Age 27, and Aaron’s significant) – Tucker is working, a lot, as a nurse for Avera. Currently stationed in the ICU. He seems to love his job and doesn’t mind the weird hours. We don’t get to see him much due to his schedule, but when we do it’s belly laughs and lots of what we call unneccesary facts that most people don’t fathom. Tucker moved in with Aaron this year, finally, and they are considering buying a house once things settle down in the housing market. Tucker’s free time is spent sleeping, playing video games and spending time with friends. Together, Aaron and Tucker have been enjoying the joy of dining and exploring the food scene in Sioux Falls. 

Jace (Age 24) – James officially changed their name to Jace this year. I’d say that was the highlight of their year, but wait… They also got engaged to Sevin. Wedding date pending a completion of school for Jace and more adulting. Jace works for Toast Software, a restaurant POS company, remotely from their apartment in Sioux Falls where they are also finishing up school at DSU with an anticpated graduation date of December 2024 and a degree in Computer Science. Jace seems to enjoy their job and Toast seems to like them as they progress up the ladder as a support specialist. Jace’s free time is spent on gaming and spending time with Sevin and their cat Lulu.

Sevin (Age 22, and Jace’s significant) – Sevin has been working for us at JJ’s Axes & Ales this year as our Chief Axepert. She was kind of thrown into the role due to some unexpected staff changes, but has managed to find her niche inspite of the brevity of her tenure. As I noted before, Sevin decided it was time to take the next step in her and Jace’s relationship with a proposal back in September. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her as part of our family. After a trip she and Jace took to New York this past Fall for a wedding, Sevin was inspired to grow and enrolled at Augustana University. She will start classes as a full-time student in the Spring semester while continuing to help us out at Axes, keep Jace on track.

Jean and I continue to watch our kids grow and become adults. And we couldn’t more proud of all of them in finding their way into adulthood. The next couple of years will have some momentous occasions and we are excited to watch all of that unfold.

On to today’s whisky…

We introduced you to Compass Box earlier in the calendar with The Story of the Spaniard. Just like that one, and all of the Compass Box whiskies, this one tells a story.

The story is one of history. This bottle is the third whisky in their Extinct Blends Quartet. As we were not selling Compass Box for the first two releases, this is our first exposure to this exquisite and rare line of whiskies in this series.

“The Soul of Blended Scotch is Found in the City” is the lead-in to the description of this offering. It references the early days of blending Scotch  in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, producing bottles for the urban jungles around the world.

Fashions change, and formulae follow suit. Blended whiskies of the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s are very different to today’s versions, even when the brand name remains the same. The Extinct Blends Quartet reimagines four of our favourite blended Scotches from yesteryear, using some of our rarest and most idiosyncratic stocks of whisky.”

Please enjoy this Sunday Sipper and have a Merry Christmas Eve!

  • Name: Compass Box “Extinct Blends Quartet” – Metropolis
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Scotland
  • Proof: 98.0
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Temperature: Room
  • Cocktail Options: None
  • Available: No. See below.
  • Price: List Price – $409.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $327.99

Tom’s Tasting Notes: I wish I had some of this to sell as I am fairly certain a few of you reading this will want a bottle. Unfortuantely we only received two bottles. One went to this calendar, and the other was swiped up by a jolly old fellow with a red suit and white beard. He looked vaguely familiar.

The level of complexity in this whisky is incomparable and a testament to the blending prowess of Lead Whiskymaker, James Saxon. Vanilla arrives first on the nose, followed by a medley of different honeys. Fudge,  apricot and pineapple lead to fresh fig. A rich and very complex palate with apricot again and hints of smoky woodiness. A long and sweet finish.