+1 (605) 357-9597 info@jjswine.com
  • First, you have to be or become a VIP Member with us. We just use this to keep track of who has our keg barrels.
  • Second, if you aren’t a VIP Member, don’t see a beer you are interested in getting, or see something you like on our website, send an email to Joe at joe@jjswine.com and he will do what he can about the beer and get back to as soon as possible. PLEASE INCLUDE: First Name, Last Name, and a phone number that you can easily be reached by on the email!
  • Deposit Policy – A deposit MUST be paid for all kegs that are purchased at JJ’s. A full refund for the deposit is offered in the FIRST 30 days that the keg is in your possession. After 30 days, store credit will be issued for any returned kegs and equipment. If you paid your deposit with a credit card, the SAME credit card must be used for the deposit refund.