What’s for Dessert this week in The Boozy Bakery?

Cases are open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00am- 9:00pm, and with a partial case Sundays from 10:00am- 7:00pm.

Available the Week of 8/17/2022 through 8/21/2022

    • Brownies – Bailey’s Caramel, Irish Car Bomb, Buckeye, Drunk in the Kitchen
    • Bars – Pumpkin, Strawberry Rhubarb
    • Cookies – Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter
    • Mini Cheesecake – Caramel Apple
    • Cheesecake Slices- Bourbon Caramel Swirl
    • Mini Cakes – Pineapple Upside Down
    • Loaf Cakes- Vanilla Almond, Champagne, Devil’s Food with Marshmallow, Jameson Cold Brew
    • Trifles- Tiramisu Trifles
    • Mini Pies- Bourbon Pecan
    • Large Layer Cake Slices- Lemon Limoncello Mascarpone
    • Cupcakes- Fireball, Chocolate Baileys Caramel Macchiato
      • Extra Goodies – Charcuterie Boxes, Tom and Jerry Batter, BBQ Chex Mix, Steakhouse Chex
        • Watch our Social Medias for details on all of the goods and when during the week they are available – @jjsboozybakery on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – Search #BoozyBakery or follow a direct link to our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JJsBoozyBakery
        • If you are in need of something special, please order AT LEAST A WEEK in advance – Email kate@jjsboozybakery.com for more information! We are open in the afternoon with a partial case on Wednesday, then Thursday- Saturday, with another partial case on Sundays!*Please keep in mind that while we do prepare some gluten free desserts, we are NOT a gluten free kitchen.


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