What scrumptious goodies are available this week in The Boozy Bakery?


Cases are open Wednesday 4:00pm-9:00pm and Thursday through Saturday from 10:00am- 9:00pm, and with a partial case Sundays from 12:00pm-6:00pm.


May 22- 26th


    • Brownies – Bailey’s Caramel*, Mudslide*, Rocky Road

    • Cookies– Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed 

    • Loaf Cake Slices– Vanilla Almond Amaretto*, Vanilla Almond

    • Trifles- Tiramisu

    • Tart- Mixed Berry

    • Cheesecakes- Blueberry Mojito*, GF Blueberry Mojito*, Irish Car Bomb*

    • Bars– Lemon, Strawberry Rhubarb

    • Mini Cake- Chocolate Peanut Butter Bourbon*

    • Roll Cake- HoHo, Marshmallow Cake Vodka*

    • Mousse Bombs- Chocolate Selva Rey Rum*

    • Extra Goodies – Chicken Salad, Quarterback Dip

      • Watch our Social Medias for details on our sweet treats (or to peruse the tasty morsels we have done in the past) and when during the week they are available – @jjsboozybakery on Facebook, Tik Tok & Instagram – Search #BoozyBakery or follow a direct link to our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JJsBoozyBakery

      • Need something special for an upcoming event? An extra boozy layer cake for a loved ones birthday, or cupcakes to fill your soul with glee? Shoot us an email at Kate@theboozybakery.com or a message us at the bottom of this page! Last minute requests are welcome, but please be aware we fill up on special orders fast.

      • *Keep in mind our boozy products are 21+, we DO NOT cook out the alcohol 


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