Allocated Bourbon and Other Rare Whiskies

Highly Allocated Bourbon – Being a member of JJ’s VIP Rewards Program is the ONLY way to get your hands on special bottles of bourbon. Bottles like Pappy Van Winkle, George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, etc. are readily available, but only to those who have earned their way up our allocation list. How do you do that? It’s easy. Shop.

  • You have to let us know you are interested in highly allocated bourbon and other rare whiskies. Without knowing this, we can’t add you to the list. Once you are added to the list, all of your previous purchase history is factored into your standing.
  • BUY OUR SINGLE BARREL SPIRITS – You MUST have purchased at least ONE bottle of Single Barrel Spirits to show up on the list. Every bottle of JJ’s Single Barrel Spirits is assigned a point value based on the price of the bottle. These point values range from 50-250 points. If you don’t buy our single barrel bourbons, you won’t be on the list. You will learn that our single barrel bourbon program is as good as it gets in any market. Top notch, one-of-a-kind whiskies, that nobody else gets to have.
  • Buy other bourbon and American made whiskey items. You get a point by just buying any bottle of bourbon or other American made whiskey products.
  • Buy other stuff. Your level of business with us is important, but this list is more about the bourbon and other whiskies. That being said, your patronage should count for something. 5% of your total dollars spent is converted to points for the allocation list and added to your point total. You also get TWO points by just walking in the door and making a purchase. If you haven’t made a purchase with us in the current calendar year, you will not show up on the list, regardless of your total points.

We are an open book with regard to how this allocation list works. Just ask, and we will be sure to give you whatever information you are seeking!

Allocated Bottle Raffles

Every Wednesday is Whisk(e)y Wednesday at JJ’s! Not only do you get our best retail discount on ALL spirits (not just whiskey), you may also get your hands on something special!

Most Wednesdays, in JJ’s Bar, we have a featured whiskey flight (sometimes it’s other stuff, but we like whiskey). Along with that featured flight, we hold a bottle raffle! What’s up for grabs? A lot of really good stuff. Vintage single barrels, limited release, but not impossible to get items, and other special things that you might be seeking.

Getting into the raffle is easy. Here is what you need to do…

  • Stay engaged! Get our emails. Watch our social media channels. Stop into JJ’s frequently!
  • Be in JJ’s Bar each Wednesday when we have a raffle by 5:45pm. You get ONE entry for just showing up!
  • Purchase a feature flight! You will get ADDITIONAL entries!
  • Purchase a food item! You will get ADDITIONAL!
  • Purchase SINGLE BARREL SPIRITS! You will get additional entries!

What happens when we select your name using our Wheel of Names? You get to pick from the bottles up for grabs! Once you have made your selection, you will pay for it and get the Whisk(e)y Wednesday price as well!