Adult Beverages at the Levitt!

Welcome to the 2022 Levitt Concert Season! We are excited to part of this exciting concert season as your adult beverage provider for ALL shows where adult beverages are being served! The only shows that we will not be at are the ones geared toward kids. So, what’s the skinny?



We are located on the EAST side of the Lloyd Lawn at the Levitt at the end of food truck row. It’s going to be a little wonky this year due to the construction site next to us, but we will certainly make do. You will see our JJ’s Beer Trailer and our large tents set up.

Time of Service

JJ’s Bar at the Levitt opens every night there is a concert at 6:00pm! We call it Happy Hour at the Levitt until the live music starts, which will be 7:00pm. All drinks will be $1 off during Happy Hour at the Levitt, so come down for a little pre-gaming with us!

JJ’s Bar will stop serving at the earliest of two points in time. When the music is done, OR 9:30pm, whichever is sooner. ALL drinks must be consumed by 10:00pm, that is a park rule.


The process is easy! Enter our JJ’s Bar at the Levitt from the North (when it’s busy) and exit at the South end by the food trucks. If you are getting food, I highly recommend placing your food truck order before coming to see us, it’s likely your food will be ready by the time you get your drinks. We move through our patrons pretty fast, but it is definitely a good way to pass time waiting on food! Once inside the JJ’s Bar at the Levitt step up to one of our employees wearing a black JJ’s shirt. They will take your order and your method of payment. Then, in a matter of moments, you will receive your beverages!

Method of Payment

We take everything! Cards and cash. That being said, we prefer cards! It makes things go much faster. But we never say no to CASH!

Rules – Yes, there are rules.

  • NO ONE under 21 is allowed in JJ’s Bar area. Please leave the kiddos on the lawn AND bring your ID! Anybody who is NOT obviously over 21 will be carded and required to wear a wristband.
  • Dogs are allowed in the Levitt park and in JJ’s Bar! They may be offered a treat, so be sure to let us know if that is NOT ok.
  • TWO drinks for TWO hands. This is non-negotiable for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a city rule. And two, it helps move our patrons through much quicker. If you bring a friend with you, that counts for two additional hands, please keep that in mind. They just have to be 21 or older.

Beverage Options

We are once again offering a wide array of beverages, and even more local beverages on tap with the addition of FOUR new tap lines to our JJ’s Beer Trailer! So, what do we have? This may change over the next few weeks based on demand or type of show. Check back frequently!

Beer – 16oz Draft

  1. Fernson Skip Day Seltzer – Fruit Punch – $7
  2. WoodGrain Vessence Lemon-Ginger Hard Seltzer – $7
  3. Remedy Brewing Reme-Teas Peach Seltzer – $7
  4. Homestead Brewing Tractor Juice Sour Ale – $8
  5. Ben’s Brewing Kenny Pepper Cream Ale – $7
  6. Remedy Brewing Worker Bee Cream Ale – $7
  7. Ben’s Brewing Cash Flow IPA – $7
  8. Covert Artisan Ales Carpe Vulpes #4 IPA – $8
  9. Fernson Lion’s Paw Lager – $7
  10. WoodGrain William’s Beer (Lager) – $7
  11. Severance SoundVision V2 Blood Orange Pils – $7
  12. Obscure Brewing Drum Lime Pilsner – $7
  13. Michelob Ultra – $6
  14. Bud Light – $6
  15. Coors Light – $6
  16. Miller Lite – $6

We will occaisonally run out of beer. We can only carry so much! If we do run out of your favorite, please explore something different! You might find a new favorite!


  1. Tito’s Handmade Vodka – $7
  2. New Amsterdam Gin – $7
  3. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum – $7
  4. Malibu Coconut Rum – $7
  5. Bacardi Superior Rum – $7
  6. El Jimador Blanco Tequila – $8
  7. Early Times Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon – $8
  8. Forty Creek Canadian Whisky – $8
  9. Jack Daniel’s – $8
  10. Jameson Irish Whiskey – $8


  1. Coke – Dt. Coke – Sprite
  2. Orange Juice – Pineapple Juice
  3. Cranberry Juice – Lemonade
  4. Ginger Ale – Water

We DO NOT sell any of our mixers as Non-alcohol drinks. NA drinks are available at the Levitt Concession areas ONLY.

Wine – 6oz Glass

  1. Bota Box Nighthawk Chardonnay – $7
  2. Bota Box Nighthawk Sauvignon Blanc – $7
  3. Bota Box Riesling – $7
  4. Bota Box Nighthawk Lush Pinot Noir – $7
  5. Bota Box Nighthawk Cabernet – $7

NEW – Batch Cocktails!

  1. JJ’s House Margarita – $8
  2. JJ’s Pineapple Upside-down Cake Punch – $8
  3. JJ’s Blue Lemonade Punch – $8


  1. Tito’s American Mule – $9
  2. Early Times Kentucky Mule – $9
  3. New Am Gin & Juice (Pineapple) – $8
  4. Tequila Sunrise – $9
  5. JJ’s Big Ginger – $9