Kirk and Sweeney XO Rum – V3

Krik and Sweeney XO Rum

I thought I would kind of start off with a little bit of a bang. It’s Thursday. And for many years we have rereferred to Thursday as Tiki Thursday and all things Rum! You will sense a bit of a theme with each day of the week as we progress through the calendar.

Back in 2018, Jean and I took a trip to Kentucky/Tennessee with a few friends (Kally and Brad) to select some bourbon barrels. When we were in Nashville, we came across a store called Frugal McDougal. This store had a legendary reputation for fine spirits, wine and service, so of course we had to check it out. It was all that was expected. I actually took a couple of ideas from them with respect to some merchandising techniques (mostly shelves and not a ton of bombastic displays).

Anyway, as we were perusing the selections, I came across the rum department and some oddly shaped bottles that caught my eye. I texted Paul Squyer, my friend and newly hired mixologist, and asked if he’d heard of them and he suggested that I buy everything they had. We didn’t, but we did buy some. That night in our rental we sipped on some of the Kirk and Sweeney 18-Year-Old, and I was in heaven. As were my traveling companions.

Fast forward four years. I get a call from one of our liquor reps saying that he had a new portfolio to peek at. This happens a lot, so I was less than enthusiastic, but agreed to a meeting. When I came around the corner of the bar and saw the familiar oddly shaped bottles, I almost cried.

No longer are they offering “aged statement” bottles, as they wanted to achieve a little more consistency in production. That being said this XO is a blend of 18-25 year old barrels, and it is, in a word, amazing. We also have Reserva (3-14 Year Old Barrels) and Gran Reserva (5-20 Year Old Barrels) available.

  • Name: Kirk and Sweeney XO Rum V3
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Dominican Republic
  • Proof: 131.0
  • Glass: Double Old Fashioned or Glencairn
  • Temperature: Room, or slightly chilled
  • Cocktail Options: None with this one, it’s a smooth sipper
  • Available: Yes
  • Price: List Price – $299.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $239.99

Tom’s Tasting Notes: I have never been to the Caribbean. But every smell, nuance and flavor coming out of my glass (Double Old Fashioned – Neat) sings a song of the Caribbean. Hints of sherry, molasses, banana, caramel, dried fruit, oak, leather and tobacco. This is a magnificent rum, and one you should get to experience at least once in a lifetime.