Glacial Lakes Runabout Rum Single Barrel – JJ’s 1st (and only) Edition

Glacial Lakes Runabout Rum Single Barrel

I love to collaborate, and this has been a collaboration in the works for a few years. It all started with a bourbon barrel selection in 2017 that became what you are experiencing in your glass today.

When we received a single barrel of Knob Creek Bourbon in the Fall of 2017, we weren’t really sure what to do with the freshly dumped barrel. We had selected a number of barrels at that time and had done a number of collaborations up to that point with beer, but we were looking for something different to do with this barrel, and rum was something I had been considering for a while but didn’t really know how we could go about that.

So, I contacted our friends at Glacial Lakes Distilling and asked if they were interested in producing a single barrel of rum for us, but there were rules. It had to age for at least four years, and it had to be bottled at cask strength. They agreed and we started the process. The barrel was filled in early 2018 with their base rum distillate. I came to find out later that this was their first 53-Gallon barrel fill, so that made it even more intriguing.

The barrel sat in their warehouse and was left alone until earlier this year. I reached out to Phil and Quentin and asked how my rum was coming along and they hadn’t really thought about it much, so collectively we were excited to see what evolved. Suffice to say, we were very pleased with the results. A label was developed, and the bottles were prepped. All of the bottles are hand labeled and numbered by Cindi Klein, Phil’s better half. And they were sent to us for release.

  • Name: Glacial Lakes Runabout Rum Single Barrel – JJ’s 1st (and only) Edition
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Watertown, SD by way of Sioux Falls and Claremont, KY
  • Proof: 110.0
  • Glass: Double Old-Fashioned Glass
  • Temperature: Room or slightly Chilled
  • Cocktail Options: See below
  • Available: Yes. Retail and in JJ’s Bar
  • Price: List Price – $34.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $27.99

Tom’s Tasting Notes: When you pour this into your glass, take note of the delightful amber color. All of this color is derived from the barrel. No additives. The nose is heavy on tropical notes of mango, banana and a hint of pineapple. The flavor is relatively light on the palate, which is why this rum makes for better cocktails than a neat pour. The finish is somewhat hot and spicy with complex notes of cinnamon and more tropical flavor.

Rum Old-Fashioned Flight Competition

Rum Old-Fashioned Flight – JJ’s Version in photo

What is more fun than a little competition among friends! The bartenders at Glacial Lakes in Downtown Sioux Falls and our team at JJ’s Bar (mostly Jill) have created some fun holiday-themed Rum Old-Fashioned cocktails for you to enjoy in a flight of three.

Visit both of our locations through the month of December, order the Rum Old-Fashioned Flight and then cast your votes to let us know who did the best job in crafting these tasty drinks! The voting will continue through the end of the month with the winner receiving all bragging rights for the foreseeable future!

We love to collaborate! It helps to bring more people with common interests. Developing long-standing friendships and business relationships that will stand the test of time! Watch for more fun collaborations in the future!