Brenne French Single Malt Whisky

Brenne French Single Malt Whisky

This was mostly a staff pick for the 2022 Spirited Holiday Countdown Calendar. I can honestly say, that until it was suggested to me that we need to add this to the line-up, I hadn’t tried it. Further, it was mostly our female bar staff that suggested it be part of the calendar. So, I tasted it and agreed that it should be up there with one of the more interesting things I’ve tasted this year.

Brenne French Single Malt Whisky is the first single malt in the world aged exclusively in French Limousin Oak and Cognac casks, Brenne Estate Cask is twice-distilled in a copper alembic still and aged for a minimum of six years. 

I say this is a Whisky for Wine lovers for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s My Wine Monday, so it works from the marketing perspective, and two, it really hits all of the feels that wine drinkers look for in something that will tickle their wine senses when it comes to whisky. See tasting notes.

  • Name: Brenne French Single Malt Whisky
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Charente, France
  • Proof: 80.0
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Temperature: Room or slightly Chilled
  • Cocktail Options: None
  • Available: JJ’s Bar, yes. Retail, yes.
  • Price: List Price – $77.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $62.39

Tom’s Tasting Notes: Cinnamon and clove hit you on the nose with the first sniff. It’s not hot at all, so you get right to the subtleness of the spice. With spice I get some burnt toffee notes and caramel. The palate is really rich and sultry. Almost sexy, in a word. Caramel and creme brule flavors dominate the palate with a lovely oakiness that really makes me think of Sauternes wine. This is a really delightful pour that I think would pair really well with some manner of French dessert pastry.