Codigo Anejo Single Barrel Tequila – JJ’s 1st Edition

Codigo Reposado Single Barrel – JJ’s 1st Edition

About five years ago I was given an opportunity to purchase a barrel of Codigo tequila. We received the sample kit and got set to make the selection, then the program was halted for a reason we don’t know to this date. Fast forward to earlier this year, we were presented with an opportunity to purchase another barrel of Codigo tequila, and we jumped on it as quickly as we could.

Why Codigo? Why now? Why Codigo is easy. Because it’s delicious. We have turned most folks we know on to Codigo tequila, mostly through JJ’s Bar as it is the only tequila we will use for making our 2nd best-selling cocktail. It’s fairly simple. Codigo distills their agave to 90 proof before it goes into a Napa cabernet French wine barrel for six months. Why is this important? Because when it is proofed down to 80 proof, you still get a lot of the character of the individual barrel in the flavor profile.

Why now? Because we wanted to be first. We were the first Midwest account outside of Kansas City and Minneapolis to pull the trigger on the Codigo single barrel program. That’s important because it shows that we care about the quality of the barrels we select as Codigo is significantly more expensive than any of the other tequila programs out there. We could have done as others in our market have gone and gotten barrels from other distillers, but nothing compares to Codigo.

This is the second of two barrels that we purchased. The first you tried on December 6th. The finish on this anejo tequila was in Spanish Sherry casks. Between the Napa Valley wine barrels and the sherry casks, this tequila rested for 18 months.

  • Name: Codigo Anejo Single Barrel Tequila – JJ’s 1st Edition
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Jalisco, Mexico
  • Proof: 80.0
  • Glass: Double Old-Fashioned Glass
  • Temperature: Room, or with ice. Try it at room first
  • Cocktail Options: Drink it like George does. See below
  • Available: Yes. Retail and in JJ’s Bar
  • Price: List Price – $174.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $139.99 ($122.49 if you stop in tomorrow!)

George Strait Drinking Codigo

Tom’s Tasting Notes: The depth of character in this fine spirit is insane. If you are fan of really good, complex and robust flavors that are offered in luxury tequila, this is your jam. On the nose you get a load of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel notes with black pepper. On the palate this tequila is super smooth yet wonderfully complex with notes of dried fruit, butterscotch and spice. I’ll be honest. This is my favorite pour so far in this year’s calendar.

Drink How George Does

George Strait is the king of country AND the king of tequila. So, when drinking his tequila, it’s best to try it the way he likes it…

  • 2oz Codigo Anejo Single Barrel – JJ’s 1st Edition
  • 1 Large Ice Cube

Add ice cube to a Double Old-Fashioned glass. Add tequila. Enjoy.