Lagavulin 11-Year-Old Offerman Edition Charred Oak Cask

Lagavulin 11-Year-Old Offerman Edition Charred Oak Cask

So, Christmas Eve is here, and our journey is almost over. I hope you have enjoyed the ride. I took a little detour today back to Scotland, and for good reason.

I have noted before that I am not a fan of the smoky Islay scotches. Reason being, I struggle getting past the smoke and into the nuance flavors of those whiskies, which in most cases makes them sort of unidimensional. That being said, this Charred Oak Cask Offerman is something to be savored.

This has also been one of our most popular scotches this year, so for it to make the top of our list and your pour for Christmas Eve was not a difficult decision to make.

  • Name: Lagavulin 11-Year-Old Offerman Edition Charred Oak Cask
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Islay, Scotland
  • Proof: 92.0
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Temperature: Room, or with ice. Try it at room first
  • Cocktail Options: None
  • Available: JJ’s Bar, Yes. Retail. LIMITED
  • Price: List Price – $114.99 VIP Price – $91.99

Tom’s Tasting Notes: Pour this into your glass and let it site for a hot minute or two. If you try to stick your nose in it right away you will only get the smoke and for some of you, it won’t be enjoyable. But if you are patient, the nuance flavors come to the surface and balances things out quite magically. Honey, leather, burnt toffee and some dried fruit lead the aromatics. On the palate it is viscous and mouth filling with dried fruit forward on the palate and a lingering smoky finish. Yes, you heard it here… this is really good.