Maker’s Mark Private Selection #4

Those who know me, know that I look to use hyperbole and superlatives to describe our single barrel whiskies and personalized blends. I do that for a reason… Because are worthy of the extra emphasis that we place on their quality.

So when I say that today’s entry into the 2023 Spirited Holiday Countdown Calendar is “Liquid Gold”, I mean it.

Maker’s Mark Private Selections are maticulously crafted whiskies. If you are not familiar with the process here it is (if you are, you can skip to the end.)

  • We are placed in a beautifully built tasting room, it’s more like a house, alongside the lake above Maker’s Mark Distillery that is a resevoir which provides the water for Maker’s Mark whiskies.
  • We are provided five different samples of Maker’s Mark Bourbon that were aged all the same way for the first 5-6 years of their life. They were all then aged with oak staves that were all cured differently for twelve weeks. Each stave profile providing 100% of the flavor profile offered by each type of stave.
  • Then we get into the mad sciencing portion of the day by blending different whiskies with varying components of each stave profile until we reach a combination that gives us what we are looking for in a final profile.

Our final combination of staves was two Baked American Pure Oak, two Seared French Cuvee, one Maker’s 46, one Roasted French Mendiant and four Toasted French Spice. We then placed all of our staves in a freshly dumped, then refilled barrel of Maker’s Mark bourbon and it sat for twelve weeks in “the cave” where the temperature stays around 43 degrees. What this does is provide the staves the ability to work their magic on the final flavor profile without any input from the barrel.

My think tank for this blend (Dusty, Cory, Tyl and myself) was diligent on what they wanted to achieve. A rich, well-rounded bourbon with spicy notes, velvety mouthfeel and loads of caramel and vanilla. It is truly liquid gold, as have been all of our other Maker’s Mark Private Selections over the years.

Blending is an art. And, in my opinion, the next “big thing” in personalized whiskey as single barrels become harder and harder to acquire. Blending a personalized whiskey gives you the ability to take a really good product and make it even better… and special. 

  • Name: Maker’s Mark Private Selection JJ’s 4th Edition – JJSWSC25 (to celebrate our 25th Anniversary)
  • Age: 5-6 years per usual for Maker’s Mark Whisky then an additional 12 weeks with our stave combination.
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Loretto, KY
  • Proof: 109.5
  • Glass: Glencairn for taste. Double Old Fashioned glass for drinking with some rocks.
  • Temperature: Room to taste, add ice (my preference)
  • Cocktail Options: Makes an excellent 3.Old Fashioned or Manhattan. This whiskey was made mostly for sipping though.
  • Price: List Price – $99.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $79.99 (It’s Whisk(e)y Wednesday today, so the price is $69.99)

Tom’s Tasting Notes: I could get really techical with these tasting notes, so I’ll try to keep it brief. The palate profile on this one is Maker’s Mark. Soft and smooth from the wheated mashbill. Where this whiskey gets unique is in the nose – Spice, dark fruit, caramel and vanilla, and in the finish – long, full and spicy cinnamon lingers forever. Enjoy!

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