Canadian Club Chronicles “The Speakeasy” 43 Year

We like to throw some really old whisky in here occasionaly. Often it’s too cost prohibitive to do so with Scotch, but Canadian Whisky tends to be a little more affordable to offer a taste of history.

Canadian Club has been releasing this “Chronicles” series since 2018. “The Speakeasy” was the third release from once used rye barrels that were layed down in 1977 with the intention of holding them until the reached an “ultra-aged” level and to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Club Distillery.

Fun fact. Hiram Walker started the distillery in Detroit, MI in 1867. Due to the increased temperance movement in Michigan, he moved the distillery operations across the border to Windsor, Ontario where Canadian Club is still produced.

There have been 4 releases in the Chrocicles series, with the latest being a 45 year old whisky called “The Icon”. We were never able to acquire any of this as there just wasn’t muh produced. And, it was the last in the Chronicles series, for now. There is rumor that a 50 year old Chronicles release is impending. But we will have to wait and see if happens.

  • Name: Canadian Club Chrinicles “The Speakeasy” 43-Year-Old Canadian Whisky
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Windsor, Ontario
  • Proof: 90.0
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Temperature: Room
  • Cocktail Options: No.
  • Available: Yes. Retail and in JJ’s Bar
  • Price: List Price – $434.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $347.99

Tom’s Tasting Notes: Old whisky should be tasted with a certain sense of history. For me personally, I don’t try to look for the usual components of aroma, flavor and finish. But more for what has evolved in aroma, flavor and finish over the life span of the barrels. Not knowing what this would have tasted like in 1977 when it was layed down, I can only guess, but appreciate, what has happened here. The aromas are oaky, honey and leather with some honey sweetness and spice on the palate. The finish is where the wood really comes out and you get a sense of the historical perspective. Old whisky is fun to taste, but, in my opinion, it’s not very fun to drink.