Kamiki Maltage Whisky – Cedar Cask Finish

Today’s entry is a little bit of a different twist than what we have enjoyed thus far. We have tasted tequila, rum, irish & scotch whiskies and of course bourbon and rye. But we have yet to taste a “World Whiskey”. So what exactly is that?

In around 2020, the Japanese governing body over the production of spirits in Japan issued new rules around the labeling of Japanese whiskies.

They structured the new ruels around the laws of Scotland and Ireland regarding time of maturation in country, distillation in country and aging in country.

At that time they also did a sweeping proclamtion that anything that did not fit within these new rules was automatically “declassified” as Japanese Whisky and should be referred to as “World Whiskey”.

Why is this important? Quality control and pride primarily. There were a lot of Japanese products being branded as Japanese Whiskey that spent little, if no time in Japan. These were barrel stores that were acquired from Soctland, Ireland, India and other areas where malted barley was turned to whiskey and then marketed as Japanese Whiskey once they hit the shores of Japan. The long time makers of actual Japanese Whisky finally put their foot down, so here we are.

Does that mean that World Whiskies are inferior? Absolutely not. These labels have gotten a little bit of a bad rap because of the declassification, but they are still some of the best tasting whiskies in the world.

Enter Kamiki Maltage Whisky – Cedar Cask Finish. This whiskey is remarkable, and even more remarkable is the journey it has undergone. Made from a blend of Japanese whiskies and aged barrel stock from all over the world, then aged a second time in Japanese cedar, known as Yoshino-sugi.

  • Name: Kamiki Maltage Whisky – Cedar Cask Finish
  • Country of Origin/Locale: Depends on perspective, but bottled in Japan.
  • Proof: 96.0
  • Glass: Glencairn
  • Temperature: Room
  • Cocktail Options: None
  • Available: Yes. Retail and in JJ’s Bar
  • Price: List Price – $89.99 JJ’s VIP Price – $71.99

Tom’s Tasting Notes: This one is a treat, if you like edgy whiskies. Aromas of apricot, bubblegum, spice, cedar and vanilla. Flavors of cedar, dried fruit and ripe banana. The finish is somewhat brief, but you get a lasting sense of the cedar component. Guessing this whiskey would pair well with a cigar.